Fascinated by the ancient winemaking traditions of Georgia, Andy Buchan buried two Qvevri underground and ... voila. Analog was born from the depths below. Now, Andy makes incredibly visceral versions of some lesser known varietals, taking stock of past traditions and invigorating new ones with unique approaches to low intervention wine making. - Analog.
Up until we inherited the farm January 2021, the vineyard was farmed without the use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides - practices we are continuing. The resulting soil is full of life, and is rich and dark in colour as a result of plenty of humus and organic matter. Compost teas, fish oil, seaweed extract and humate are applied to feed and nurture a healthy and diverse range of soil organisms and grass species, which in turn release nutrients into the soil to feed the vines, improve soil condition and fruit quality, cultivate natural and healthy grapes.