Agricola La Mision


Elena's connection to Chile runs deep. Inspired by her mother and the land's potential, she stumbled upon a treasure trove of ancient, ungrafted vineyards nestled between the Maule and Bío Bío valleys. These centuries-old País vines, some dating back 300 years, whispered tales of a forgotten heritage.


Fuelled by passion and respect for tradition, Elena reached out to Nicola. Together, they envisioned a wine that would truly capture the essence of these historic grapes. They weren't interested in the easy-drinking style gaining popularity; they sought to craft a structured, complex expression of País.


Their meticulous journey began in 2015. Nicola meticulously scoured the Maule Valley, learning from old producers and immersing himself in their time-honored practices. He hand-selected four hectares of these ancient vines, nurtured by dry-farming and basking on granitic soils.


To honor the traditional methods, they procured an old lagar, a wooden vat for open-top fermentation, and old barrels for gentle aging. They even handcrafted a zaranda, a wooden destemmer operated by hand, adding a touch of human connection to the process.


Unlike the trendy style, Pisador aimed for depth and nuance. Hand-destemmed and foot-trodden grapes underwent spontaneous fermentation and long maceration, all without filtration or added sulfites. Just pure, unadulterated fruit in every drop.


The initial 2016 vintage yielded only 3300 precious bottles, each a testament to their dedication. As their love for this project grew, they acquired a second lagar and upped production slightly in 2017.


So, why should you taste Pisador? It's more than just a wine; it's a journey through time, a tribute to forgotten traditions, and a testament to the unwavering passion of two friends. It's a chance to sip history, to experience the soul of ancient Chilean vines, and to discover a truly unique expression of terroir.