Poetic Justice 2019

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Sparkling wine with maple syrup used as the dosage, can you get more vermont than that?! We got less than a case of each so grab what you can now!



  • 12%


  • 2019


  • Sparkling
  • Red

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Barbecue, Pizza, Picnic Food


Frontenac Noir

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Vermont, USA

The Producer

About ZAFA Wines

Vermont has no wine rules. The first commercial winery was established in the 1990s. This is the perfect place for playful experimentation. Enter Krista Scruggs. While many search for typicity and tradition, Krista uses her past experience to lean into the Vermont terroir, and the fruit the land provides, and to question what is possible. First and foremost, she is a farmer out on the land. Each vintage guides her choices as to which grapes to blend and whether to co-ferment apples or other fruits with the grapes. This is playful (as she would say, "It's just f*$%ing fermented juice.") but also strategic as she is still getting to know the land and honing in on her style; 2017 was her first vintage. Primarily a sparkling wine producer, her intuition combined with creativeness has resulted in delicious wines and category-bending beverages that has made her one of the hottest names in the natural wine world. Just scroll up to see all the buzz! We're ecstatic to represent Krista in Illinois and herald the evolution of ZAFA. Krista Scruggs uses hybrids to produce wines without additives, fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemical intervention from vine to vat. - From ZAFA.