Mare e Foresta NV

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A liter of fresh orange wine that spent 7 days on the skins. You'll find pineapple, citrus, some herbs touch, and a light bitterness on the finish. You definitely understand from the flavors why she called it the sea and the forest!



  • 11.5%


  • NV


  • Orange

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Sushi, Seafood, Salads


Pinot Gris

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Puglia, Italy

The Producer

About Valentina Passalacqua

“I started making wine 10 years ago … a love that comes from the sky and the light of my land. I make wine as a mother of two daughters to give back to them that sea of colors that my land gives me … I make wine to give light, to my family, to the men and women who work for me … I make wine humanizing every day through the light. A supremacy of absolute light, blinding, a unique inclination of light that facilitates the maturation and draws the longilinear profile of my wines, preserving the aromatic and human complexity. I cultivate 80 hectares of vineyards from traditional varieties on the Gargano to the north of Puglia and on a calcareous white stone land of Kimmeridgiana origin that uniquely characterizes the sharp and salty expression of my wines. I vinify all the grapes according to the natural method in search of a production minimalism that enhances the Mediterranean vocation of the climate combined with the millennial history of my places. I make natural wine above all to sit down at the table with the people I love, drink my wines, enjoy the harmony with food and excite me … “.