SIN Pet Nat 2020

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Beautifully balanced, with a touch of fruit sweetness, saline mineral spice, notes of honey, orange and peach, and a fine persistent fizz. It’s bottled with 21g residual sugar and the ferment continues in bottle. Sulfites are not added at any stage of the process. About 2g residual sugar remain.



  • 12%


  • 2020


  • Sparkling
  • White

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Sushi, Brunch, Shellfish



Funky Scale

Mostly Classic


Penedes, Spain

The Producer

About Project SIN

SIN is a project by vine grower Alex Ruiz and consultant winemaker Amós Bañeres to make excellent and inexpensive organic, natural wines without any additives and that are reflective of their terroir. As with their other project Els Vinyerons, the vines and winemaking space belong to Alex Rios whose family are large-scale producers of Cava and who wanted to make wine on an artisanal scale from fully organic vines. The winemaking inspiration, and the poetry, is from Amós Bañeres, as Consultant, whose own wines are very limited in production and wanted to make a more readily available range of wines. The beauty of these wines is their ease of drinking, fully expressing varietal character but with a lightness of touch very different from what’s normal in the Penedès. And where the Els Vinyerons wines are elegantly refined and see part ageing in old barriques, the SIN wines are straightforward, pure fruit.