Tempranillo I 2019

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A very different take on Tempranillo, with direct pressed, or Blanc de Noirs style. This results in a wine that's somewhere between a very light Rosé/orange. A fun and funky wine to try with a decent amount of residual sugar that's nicely balanced by crisp acidity and extreme fruit-forward noets.



  • 12%


  • 2019


  • Rosè

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Heavier Fish, Picnic Food, Seafood



Funky Scale



Oregon, USA

libertine winemaker oregon usa

The Producer

About Libertine

Years ago Alex had a successful career running a high end cheese and wine shop. However, one can only maintain two loves for so long. He had come to a crossroads. The more he pondered the question the more he found himself completely divided, confused, and even dissolute. Then one day he was riding the bus home from work and rested his weary chin upon his hand as he stared out the foggy, scratched window in contemplation of his undetermined future. At that moment he noticed a strong odor of funky cheese emanating from his person, despite having washed his hands repeatedly prior to leaving. Then it dawned on him, he was that guy on the bus that smells like cheese. So now he makes wine. He takes a philosophical approach to wine. He sees himself as a shepherd who guides the grapes along their journey of controlled spoilage. More often than not, the wine decides its own character as he does not pigeonhole them into some preconceived notion of what he imagines they should be. Having managed vineyards for years, he has come to understand the intrinsic role of the growing season. He alters his basic winemaking techniques to adapt to each particular and unique vintage. Therefore, none of his wines taste the same. The only consistency is inconsistency, much like life itself. He only purchases grapes from family owned farms that employ sustainable vineyard practices. He believes that we have a responsibility not to salt the earth of our wondrous corner of the world. All of his wines are fermented in neutral oak barrel with native vineyard yeast. He does not add a single thing to them other than a fractional amount of sulfite as a preservative. He also does not filter or fine, creating a very pure and raw product.