Chardonnay 2019

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Exactly what you expect from a Chardonnay with lively citrus and crisp acidity balanced with some buttery notes. Lovely pairing with popcorn, summer salads, or spicy food. 

Citrus balanced by crisp acidity


  • 14%


  • 2019


  • White

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Popcorn, Spicy Food, White Meats



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Western Cape, South Africa

fram winemaker western cape south africa

The Producer

About FRAM

Thinus started Fram as a personal passion project with the intention of creating a wine that radiates almost as much personality as the winemaker himself. He makes a promise to “always sail into unchartered waters, to Fullly search for whatever grapes lie behind the next hill, over the next horizon.” With Fram, Thinus throws safety out the door to turn risk into reward, and it is this confident, audacious and intuitive spirit that makes his wines worth it. And his tremendous amount of talent certainly helps, too. He grows his grapes from a farm northwest of Clanwilliam, to which he refers as the “Here be Dragons” area of the wine map, and creates a truly great wine. Thinus is embarking on an exciting journey with Fram, and as the founder, winemaker and sole employee of the business, he’s encouraging you to join him.