Un Grain de Folie 2019

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It has the light drinkability of a Provencal rosé, but more fresh fruit on the nose. The color is a vibrant pink, with a slight haze one would expect from an unfined, unfiltered Rosé. Balanced acidity, fruit, and alcohol make this a friendly food pairing.




  • 12%


  • 2019


  • Rosé

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Sandwiches, Salmon, Salads

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Syrah, Carignan

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Mostly Funky


Languedoc, France

The Producer

About Domaine Mamaruta

Marc's 15 hectare vineyard plots are spread through La Palme and Leucate on clay soils and lime stone. Some are bordering a small lake, while others are close to a seaside cliff.

All the vines are farmed organically and the cellar is worked with minimum input, and with a great respect for life and nature. In the vineyards, he uses biodynamic practices without certification. The management includes careful pruning and tending of the wounds, homemade compost and soft ploughing.

In the winery, vinification happens naturally. Nothing is used to tamper with the juice during fermentation. In the spirit of our work in the vineyard, he doesn't use cultured yeast, de-acidify or fine his wines.

About the Region

Languedoc, France

In the sun-drenched region of Languedoc in southern France, natural winemaking is gaining momentum, offering a fresh perspective on this historic wine-producing area. Stretching from the rugged hills of the Cévennes to the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean, Languedoc boasts a rich tapestry of terroirs and grape varieties. Natural winemakers here embrace sustainable farming practices, often cultivating their vines organically or biodynamically to ensure the health of the land and the purity of the fruit. They eschew additives and excessive manipulation in the cellar, allowing the grapes to ferment spontaneously and express their true character. The result is a diverse range of wines that capture the essence of the Mediterranean climate, with reds showcasing the boldness of Carignan and Syrah, and whites highlighting the freshness of Grenache Blanc and Picpoul. Languedoc's natural wines are known for their vibrant fruit flavors, lively acidity, and a sense of place that reflects the region's rich cultural heritage. As the demand for authentic, artisanal wines continues to grow, Languedoc stands as a beacon of innovation and tradition in the world of natural winemaking.

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