Interested in natural wine and prefer whites? There are many to choose from, but also note that some of the best white grape wines in natural winemaking end up being orange wines! Things to consider with white wines are:

-Grape variety, traditionally some are heavier 

-Lees contact -More contact = Heftier wine

-Age - the older the wine the more complex

All of these factors should give you a better clue into what kind of white natural wine you're buying!

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Styles of White Natural Wine

Conventionally white wine's get the short end of the stick in the wine world as being a bit more simple than their red wine counterparts, as they are pressed off the skins, taking out an entire section of winemaking that happens in reds. BUT in natural winemaking, white grapes get utilized in a myriad of ways that makes them incredibly interesting and different enough that we need new sections for them! 

For whites, a general rule of thumb for temperature is:

- Light White: 48-52°

-Sweet White: 48-55°

-Bold White: 50-55°

Those temps might sound pretty low to some people, but "room temperature" for ideal serving, even the biggest reds, is actually about betwen 60-68 degrees, and that's not typically what people's house thermostats are set to.

Below you can download our full guide to pairing along with serving recommendations!

In this section we will focus on light and rich wines, but white wines can also be made into sparkling, orange, AND sweet/dessert wines, so make sure to check all of those out too if you're a white wine lover!

In our selection you'll find light whites that we recommend you serve chilled and with either nice apperitif foods or even, better, spicy asian dishes! The Rieslings really hit the mark on this! Rich white wines typically have a rounder mouthfeel, likely spent some time on lees, or have some age and are best with that roasted chicken you're making or your favorite mushroom dish!

By clicking below you can sort the wines by grape type, country, producer, style, and even soil to find the exact type of natural red wine you're searching for!

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Find our Guide to Pairing White Wine and the Key below

When pairing white natural wines there are a few things you should remember:

1. Most pairings work for one of these wines but not typically both! So style is a really important decision in deciding which way to take your meal.
2. Don't just think of the foods, remember sauces and sides count too! 
3. Always remember that this is a personal experience and just because something is supposed to work doesn't mean it's right for you! 

Below you'll find a cheat sheet of different foods and flavors we recommend for each style.

Symbol Pairing Key:

x = Not a Great Pairing
o = Decent Pairing
O = Great Pairing

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Pairing White Natural Wines