Our goal is to ensure that every package that gets shipped is delivered quickly and in perfect condition.

It is extremely rare that wines arrive heat or cold damaged. However, it can happen, particularly when working with wines with no additives (but for maybe a small dose of sulfur). Evidence of weather-related damage may include protruding corks, seepage, etc. 

In inclement weather (i.e. extreme heat or extreme cold), we recommend delaying your purchase until the weather cools down in your area. If there is inclement weather in our warehouse location, we will delay shipping until the weather is more favorable for shipping wine.

We do offer the following options for customers who wish to take extra precautions for the shipment of their product:

  • Expedited shipping - please choose "Next-Day PM" as a shipping option if you would prefer your wine to be delivered via air rather than trucked. This greatly reduces the amount of time in transit and is the best option for those wishing to minimize risk of damage.
  • Ice packs - we can add two ice packs to your package for an additional $5 fee. Please note that ice packs do warm up quickly and will not be cold on delivery. They simply cool down the bottles for transit and help insulate the box.

If there is visible evidence of weather-related damage as specified above, please reach out to us at and we will work with you to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Please note that the customer assumes all risk of the product at purchase. We are not a shipping company and have about as much control over FedEx/UPS as you do. If you are concerned about weather-related damage, our first recommendation is always going to be to delay your purchase until your are more comfortable with the temps in your area.