Producer Profile


Zumo, a venture spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of wife and husband duo Georgia Staples and Diego Luis Perez, represents a commitment to minimal intervention winemaking. With a steadfast dedication to purity, each bottle of Zumo wine is crafted without the addition of any external agents—no yeast, malolactic bacteria, clarifiers, stabilizers, acids, sulfites, velcorin, or other additives find their way into the fermentation process. Instead, the wines undergo a natural fermentation in open-top fermenters, allowing the grapes' intrinsic qualities to shine through authentically. Following fermentation, the wines are gently aged in either neutral oak barrels or tanks, preserving their vibrant character. The resulting wines are a testament to their natural origins—alive.

Where The Wines Come From


In California, the natural wine movement is thriving, with a diverse array of producers championing organic and biodynamic farming practices and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. From the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa to the rugged coastline of Mendocino and Santa Barbara, California's winemakers are forging a new path, prioritizing sustainability, terroir expression, and authenticity. These vintners eschew additives and rely on native yeasts for fermentation, resulting in wines that are vibrant, expressive, and true to their origins. With a focus on indigenous grape varieties and a deep respect for the land, California's natural winemakers are reshaping the state's wine industry, offering consumers a taste of the Golden State's diverse terroir and innovative spirit.