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Voi Vignes

Jason Ligas, a leading figure in Greece's natural wine movement, has deep roots in winemaking, having worked alongside his family in the Ligas vineyards. Beyond his family estate, he has lent his expertise to various winemaking projects on Samos and Tinos, collaborating with fellow natural winemakers as a consultant and partner.

Voi Vignes, nestled among the scenic vineyards near Mount Olympus, is Jason's latest venture. Reclaiming neglected vineyards in the old Rapsani appellation, he focuses on three red grape varieties: xinomavro roto, stravroto, and krassato, preserving Greece's viticultural heritage.

Jason Ligas's winemaking ethos is deeply rooted in harmony with nature, finding joy and purpose in his vineyards.

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Pella, located in the heart of the Macedonian wine country, is an emerging destination for natural wine enthusiasts seeking unique and authentic expressions of the region's viticultural heritage. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Povardarie wine region, Pella's winemakers embrace traditional methods and sustainable practices to cultivate indigenous grape varieties such as Vranec and Smederevka. With a focus on minimal intervention in both the vineyard and the cellar, Pella's natural wines showcase the purity of the fruit, vibrant acidity, and a sense of terroir that reflects the region's rich history and diverse soils. As the natural wine movement gains momentum, Pella is gaining recognition as a dynamic hub for innovative winemaking, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover the true essence of Macedonian wine.