Producer Profile

Vina Laurent

Vina Laurent isn't your average winery. These folks are obsessed with delicious wine, and they let Mother Nature work her magic. Every year is a surprise, a brand new bottle bursting with personality! Imagine sunshine in a glass, capturing the essence of the harvest. Vina Laurent just wants to share their passion with people who love good wine, the kind that tastes like the earth it came from. It's simple, really, but oh man, is it ever tasty!

Where The Wines Come From

Maule Valley

Chile's Maule Valley is like the secret, awesome friend you haven't met yet. It's massive, with bold red wines like carmenere and cabernet sauvignon bursting with juicy dark fruit. But wait, there's more! Coastal breezes keep things lively, and there's even crisp sauvignon blanc and tropical chardonnay. It's a hidden gem with something for everyone, and it's having a major glow-up right now. Ready to ditch the boring and discover your new fave wine region?