Producer Profile

Vevey Marziano

Nestled in the charming commune of Morgex and La Salle in Valle d'Aosta, Italy, Vevey Marziano is a family-owned winery with roots tracing back to 1981. Founded by Marziano Vevey, who inherited 2,000 square meters of Prié Blanc vineyards from his father, the estate flourished under the stewardship of Marziano and his wife, Judith.

Vevey Marziano distinguishes itself with a steadfast commitment to sustainable and low-intervention practices. Embracing organic and biodynamic methods, the vineyards thrive under their care. Guided by a philosophy of minimal intervention, native yeast fermentation, and judicious sulfur usage, the winery champions authenticity and environmental consciousness.

Vevey Marziano Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle Prié Blanc natural white wine Aosta Valley Italy

Where The Wines Come From

Valle d'Aosta

Nestled within the majestic Alps of northwestern Italy, Valle d'Aosta is a captivating region that is gaining recognition for its burgeoning natural wine scene. Embraced by rugged mountain slopes and fertile valleys, Valle d'Aosta's winemakers are committed to sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention, allowing the region's indigenous grape varieties like Petite Arvine, Prié Blanc, and Petit Rouge to express their truest essence. With a focus on organic and biodynamic farming practices, Valle d'Aosta's natural wines often showcase vibrant acidity, nuanced flavors, and a distinct sense of terroir that reflects the region's alpine landscape and rich cultural heritage. As the natural wine movement continues to gain momentum, Valle d'Aosta stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and savor unique and soulful expressions of Italian winemaking.