Producer Profile

Slacker Wines

In 2003, Linne Calodo introduced its inaugural vintage of Slacker, which remained a staple in their portfolio until 2010 when it mysteriously disappeared from production. Defined by winemaker Matt Trevisan as embodying the notion that wine should be enjoyable and laid-back, the ethos of Slacker lingered even after its hiatus.

Embracing the essence of the slacker lifestyle, Matt Trevisan has reincarnated the Slacker label in a more fitting manner. Now operating as its own entity, Trevisan crafts playful blends that exemplify his ongoing exploration and innovation within the dynamic landscape of Paso Robles wine region.

Where The Wines Come From


In California, the natural wine movement is thriving, with a diverse array of producers championing organic and biodynamic farming practices and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. From the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa to the rugged coastline of Mendocino and Santa Barbara, California's winemakers are forging a new path, prioritizing sustainability, terroir expression, and authenticity. These vintners eschew additives and rely on native yeasts for fermentation, resulting in wines that are vibrant, expressive, and true to their origins. With a focus on indigenous grape varieties and a deep respect for the land, California's natural winemakers are reshaping the state's wine industry, offering consumers a taste of the Golden State's diverse terroir and innovative spirit.