Producer Profile

Rio Maggio

Rio Maggio meticulously crafts approximately 100,000 bottles annually through manual grape harvesting, employing natural products in the vineyard, and minimizing sulphite usage in the cellar. Simone and his wife, Tiziana, devote themselves to continuous enhancement of their wines, consistently refining their techniques in both vineyard management and winemaking processes.

Where The Wines Come From


Smallfry Wines, helmed by Suzi Hilder and Wayne Ahrens, epitomizes a fusion of viticulture and winemaking passion, driven by a profound connection to the land and a love for food. Their approach embraces natural ferments, minimal intervention, and a gentle cellar touch, allowing the vineyards' essence to shine through. With vineyards in both Eden Valley and Vine Vale, the duo nurtures exceptional fruit, honoring the legacy of the Schlieb family in Vine Vale with over 52 vintages. Looking ahead, they aspire to contribute to the Barossa's rich winemaking heritage, crafting wines that reflect their unique terroir while supporting the local community and traditions. Smallfry endeavors to be a beacon of creativity and quality, shaping the future of Barossa winemaking with integrity and pride.