Producer Profile

Pierre Bories

Bories lineage has been at the helm of Chateaux Ollieux Romanis, crafting authentic wines from organically grown grapes. This longstanding tradition emphasizes a commitment to natural viticulture and the art of winemaking.

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled within the rugged beauty of Corbières, Milia emerges as a bastion of natural winemaking, where tradition and innovation intertwine to create wines that embody the essence of the land. Amidst the ancient vineyards and sun-kissed hillsides, winemakers practice organic and biodynamic viticulture, cultivating indigenous grape varieties with a deep respect for the region's terroir. The wines of Milia from Corbières are a reflection of this dedication, offering a diverse spectrum of flavors, from elegant, herbaceous whites to bold, expressive reds, each bottle telling a story of the sun-soaked soils and cool Mediterranean breezes. With minimal intervention in the cellar, these wines capture the raw vitality and purity of the vineyard, inviting enthusiasts to experience the true essence of Corbières winemaking tradition with every sip.