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"Nestled in the charming village of La-Roche-Vineuse, Domaine Perraud enjoys a privileged location near the renowned rocky formations of Solutré and Vergisson. Fulfilling a lifelong aspiration, Jean-Christophe established the domaine in 2005, leveraging family-owned vineyards with a heritage spanning four generations.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Domaine Perraud meticulously tends to its vineyards, harnessing the unique qualities of its exceptional terroirs to craft a diverse array of dry and fruit-forward wines. Each bottle, infused with complexity and character, reflects a dedication to satisfying every discerning palate."

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Beaujolais, renowned for its distinctive natural wine profile, embodies the essence of the region's terroir with its vibrant and expressive character. Crafted primarily from the Gamay grape, Beaujolais natural wines are celebrated for their purity, freshness, and lively acidity. These wines often exhibit charming aromas of red berries, particularly strawberries and cherries, accompanied by floral notes and subtle earthy undertones. On the palate, Beaujolais natural wines delight with their juicy fruitiness, offering flavors of ripe raspberries and cranberries, supported by soft tannins and a refreshing minerality. With minimal intervention in the winemaking process, these wines showcase the true essence of the grape and the unique terroir of the Beaujolais region, making them a delightful choice for wine enthusiasts seeking authentic and approachable expressions of natural winemaking.