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No Control

Vincent Marie is a punk rock natural winemaker bringing wild energy to No Control! This dude started his winery in 2013, rocking out on 5 hectares of volcanic soil in Auvergne, France.

His wines are anything but tame. He lets the land speak for itself, using natural methods and zero added sulfites to craft deeply expressive wines that are bursting with the character of the volcanic terroir. If you're looking for exciting, natural wines with a rebellious spirit, No Control is your jam!

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Where The Wines Come From


Auvergne: Where volcanic fire meets funky wines!

Auvergne is France's secret weapon, nestled amongst volcanic mountains! This offbeat region cranks out exciting natural wines! Imagine sun-drenched vineyards where ancient volcanic fire once raged. The grapes here soak up all that mineral magic, resulting in unique wines with a wild streak. Think Gamay with a spicy kick and Chardonnay that's surprisingly deep. Plus, many producers here are free spirits, crafting wines that are pure, unadulterated fun with minimal intervention.