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Mae Son

Matteo Furlani produces exceptional wines under two notable brands—Cantina Furlani and Mae Son. Cantina Furlani specializes in spumante wines, reflecting Matteo's expertise in crafting effervescent delights. Meanwhile, the Mae Son label, a collaboration with export manager Claudio Coronato and Jenny and Francois Selections, celebrates family significance and meticulous winemaking.

Matteo's meticulous winemaking process shines in his Muller Thurgau wine. Hand-harvested in early September, the grapes undergo unique hand destemming. Following this, they experience a prolonged 20-25 days of skin contact and spontaneous fermentation in open-top steel vats. The wine matures in stainless steel until April, resulting in a product that epitomizes Matteo's commitment to minimal intervention winemak

Mae Son Orange Muller Thurgau natural orange wine

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Where The Wines Come From

Trentino-Alto Adige

In the picturesque terrain of Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy's northernmost wine region, a burgeoning natural wine movement is taking root amidst the stunning Alpine landscapes. Here, winemakers embrace the region's diverse terroirs, ranging from the sun-drenched valleys of Trentino to the cooler mountain slopes of Alto Adige, to craft wines of exceptional purity and expression. Indigenous grape varieties like Lagrein, Teroldego, and Schiava thrive in this unique microclimate, yielding wines that reflect the pristine Alpine environment and the winemakers' commitment to sustainability. With a focus on organic and biodynamic farming practices, as well as minimal intervention in the cellar, Trentino-Alto Adige's natural wines often exhibit vibrant acidity, lively fruit flavors, and a distinct sense of place. This growing movement showcases the region's rich winemaking heritage while embracing a forward-thinking approach that resonates with modern wine enthusiasts seeking authentic and soulful expressions of terroir.