Producer Profile


Levente Major's journey into the world of viticulture and winemaking traces back to his childhood, steeped in the traditions of his grandfather and father, who crafted small batches of wine for personal enjoyment. His passion for wine deepened during his formative years in high school and university, leading him to acquire his first vineyard in 2004, followed by several others. Over the years, Levente's estate has become a canvas for experimentation, yet his unwavering goal remains constant: to produce uniquely authentic wines that eloquently express the terroir of the grapes. In 2013, fueled by a shared love for quality wines.

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled in the rolling hills of northern Hungary, the Mátra wine region is a hidden gem renowned for its rich winemaking heritage and burgeoning natural wine movement. With its unique combination of volcanic soils, continental climate, and elevation, the Mátra region offers an ideal terroir for cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Kadarka, Kékfrankos, and Furmint. Natural winemakers in Mátra are dedicated to preserving the region's biodiversity and traditional winemaking techniques, employing organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard and minimal intervention methods in the cellar. By allowing grapes to ferment spontaneously with native yeasts and eschewing additives, they create wines that authentically reflect Mátra's terroir—exhibiting lively acidity, vibrant fruit flavors, and a distinct sense of place that speaks to the region's unique microclimates and geological diversity. Whether enjoying a crisp white on a summer day or savoring a robust red by the fireplace in winter, Mátra's natural wines offer a captivating glimpse into Hungary's winemaking tradition and the untamed beauty of the region.