Producer Profile


Julien Hamou Lopez's grandfather wasn't your average Ribera del Duero vintner. In 1970, he planted vines in Coruña del Conde and spent four decades refining his craft in French wine and barrel making. Upon his return to Spain in 1990, he brought back a wealth of experience and a profound respect for nature. This ethos guided him as he transformed his family's 8-hectare estate into a biodiverse farm with sustainable practices, aiming to create "living wines" that truly reflect the grapes and the land.

This commitment to minimal intervention and natural practices likely extends to the wines produced from these grapes, including Vin Rouge Kiffe.

Where The Wines Come From

Castilla y Leon

Natural wine from Castilla y León embodies the essence of the region's terroir, capturing the rugged beauty and rich history of its landscape. With vineyards nestled amidst the undulating terrain and nourished by the region's continental climate, these wines showcase a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. Characterized by their minimal intervention approach, Castilla y León's natural wines prioritize organic and biodynamic practices, allowing the grapes to express their truest flavors. Expect vibrant acidity, earthy undertones, and a distinct minerality that reflects the ancient soils of the region. Each sip is a journey through the sun-soaked vineyards, evoking a sense of timelessness and authenticity unique to Castilla y León.