Producer Profile

Jediny Sud

"We are a father and son team hailing from the largest Moravian wine-growing village, Velké Bílovice. Our approach to winemaking is deeply rooted in sustainability and respect for nature. In our vineyard, we refrain from using systemic pesticides, opting instead for organic sprays like water glass or leached nettle. When it comes to aging our wines, we believe in minimal intervention. They are aged in oak and acacia barrels, where they develop complexity and character naturally, without the use of any additives or clarification agents." - Miroslav Kachyňa and Jan Kachyňa

Where The Wines Come From


Moravia, situated in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, is gaining recognition as a burgeoning region for natural winemaking. With its diverse terroir, including rolling hills, river valleys, and volcanic soils, Moravia provides an ideal environment for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers in the region prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, and Blaufränkisch with minimal intervention. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, they produce wines that reflect the region's unique character. Moravia's natural wines are known for their purity, elegance, and expressive fruit flavors, with whites offering crisp acidity and floral aromatics, and reds showcasing ripe berry notes and earthy undertones. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Moravia remains at the forefront of the natural wine movement, offering a taste of the Czech Republic's rich winemaking heritage and innovative spirit with each bottle.