Producer Profile

Garage Project

Garage Project emerged as a humble brewery in New Zealand, founded by Pete Gillespie, Jos Ruffell, and Pete's brother, Ian. Pete's extensive background in breweries across Australia and the UK laid the groundwork for Garage Project, while Jos, though not a brewer himself, infused the project with his boundless enthusiasm for beer and innovative thinking. According to Pete, Jos's knack for pushing boundaries and exploring creative avenues is just as vital to the Project as the brewing itself. Similarly, Jos emphasizes the indispensable role Ian played, as it was Pete who introduced him to craft beer, igniting a passion that would eventually be passed down to Jos.


Where The Wines Come From


Natural wine production in Wellington encapsulates the city's spirit of creativity and innovation, set against the backdrop of New Zealand's stunning landscapes. Winemakers here are dedicated to organic and biodynamic practices, nurturing grapes with a deep respect for the environment. The cool climate and diverse terroir of the region yield wines that are nuanced and complex, showcasing a range of flavors from bright tropical fruits to savory herbal notes. With a commitment to minimal intervention, these wines possess a raw vitality and purity, capturing the essence of each vineyard site. In Wellington, natural winemaking is not just a trend but a way of life, reflecting a deep connection to the land and a passion for producing wines that are both expressive and true to their origins.