Producer Profile

Dominio del Urogallo

Dominio del Urogallo, a small estate nestled along Spain's northern coast, was established by the trailblazer Fran Asencio, who also crafts wines in Bierzo and the Sherry Triangle. With an unwavering commitment to producing wines that mirror his refined, aromatic, and pure preferences, Asencio's intense personality is matched only by his dedication to his craft. In Asturias, he has masterfully harnessed the symbiotic relationship between soil, climate, and local grape varieties, cultivating vineyards on steep slopes according to the principles of biodynamic viticulture. These vineyards, situated on soils composed of slate, anthracite, and quartz, are a testament to his passion for the land and its untapped potential in the world of wine.


Where The Wines Come From


Asturias, nestled in the verdant landscapes of northern Spain, produces natural wines that encapsulate the region's rugged beauty and rich cultural heritage. With vineyards scattered across the lush hillsides of the Cantabrian Mountains, Asturias benefits from a maritime-influenced climate, characterized by cool temperatures and abundant rainfall. Here, winemakers embrace a philosophy of minimal intervention, cultivating grapes with a deep respect for the land and its biodiversity. Indigenous grape varieties such as Albarín Blanco, Carrasquín, and Verdejo Negro thrive in this unique terroir, yielding wines of exceptional freshness and purity. From crisp, aromatic whites to elegant and expressive reds, Asturias' natural wines reflect the region's ancient winemaking traditions and its commitment to sustainability, inviting drinkers to discover the untamed beauty and distinctive flavors of northern Spain with each sip.