Producer Profile

Domaine Bourdy

Established in the late 1400s, Caves Jean Bourdy stands as a venerable institution in the Jura wine region. Today, brothers Jean-Philippe and Jean-François, the 15th generation custodians of this historic estate, carry forth its legacy with unwavering dedication. Cultivating their vines across 10 hectares of pristine terroir, including a prized half hectare in Chateau Chalon AOC, the Bourdys adhere to time-honored winemaking traditions. Fermentation and aging occur in ancient barrels, some boasting an impressive 80-year lineage. Renowned for their remarkable library of aged wines, spanning back to 1926 for reds and 1911 (1865 for Chateau Chalon) for whites, Caves Jean Bourdy epitomizes patience and precision in winemaking.

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Where The Wines Come From


The Jura region, nestled in eastern France near the Swiss border, produces natural wines that reflect the area's rich winemaking history and unique terroir. With vineyards planted on steep slopes and limestone-rich soils, the Jura benefits from a continental climate tempered by the nearby mountains. Here, winemakers embrace traditional and sustainable practices, cultivating grapes with minimal intervention to allow for the purest expression of the land. Indigenous grape varieties such as Savagnin, Trousseau, and Poulsard thrive in this diverse landscape, yielding wines of exceptional complexity and character. From oxidative and nutty Vin Jaune to vibrant and aromatic Crémant du Jura, the region's natural wines showcase a diverse range of styles and flavors, inviting drinkers to explore the distinctive charm of the Jura with each sip.