Producer Profile

Celler Jan Vidal

Nestled in the scenic Baix Penedès region just south of Barcelona, this winery stands as a beacon of tradition and sustainable viticulture. Established in 1970, it boasts a rich family history deeply rooted in winemaking. Their commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous selection of hand-harvested grapes and dedication to sustainable practices. Both Cavas in our portfolio from this winery are certified organic, showcasing their unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious winemaking. Tasting their wines invites you to experience the essence of a longstanding winemaking heritage, where tradition, sustainability, and organic craftsmanship blend in every sip.

Where The Wines Come From


Cataluña, nestled in the northeastern corner of Spain, boasts a dynamic and diverse natural wine scene that reflects the region's rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. From the rugged terrain of Priorat to the coastal vineyards of Penedès and the mountainous slopes of Montsant, Cataluña offers a kaleidoscope of terroirs and microclimates that inspire winemakers to craft wines of exceptional depth and complexity. Embracing indigenous grape varieties like Garnacha, Carinyena, and Xarel·lo, alongside international favorites, Cataluña's natural winemakers prioritize sustainability and authenticity, working closely with the land to produce wines that express a true sense of place. With a focus on minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar, Cataluña's natural wines often exhibit vibrant acidity, nuanced flavors, and a profound connection to the region's rich winemaking traditions. As the natural wine movement continues to gain momentum, Cataluña remains at the forefront, attracting both connoisseurs and adventurers alike with its captivating wines and spirit of innovation.