Producer Profile

Carl Ehrhard

Nestled on prime land in Rüdesheim are ten acres of ancient vines cared for by Carl and Petra Ehrhard, who have upheld their winery's legacy for 150 years. Since 1998, they have blended tradition with innovation, combining old vineyard management techniques with modern winemaking equipment. Stainless steel tanks sit alongside old oak barrels in their cellar. Their vineyards predominantly consist of Riesling (90%) with a touch of Pinot Noir (10%), thriving in ancient slate soils on steep slopes. During harvest, Carl meticulously selects ripe grapes in multiple passes, removing any affected by Botrytis. Fermentations in the cellar are slow and temperature-controlled.

carl ehrhard winemaker rheingau germany

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled along the banks of the Rhine River in Germany, the Rheingau region is renowned for its picturesque vineyards and historic winemaking tradition. In recent years, a growing number of producers in this esteemed region have embraced natural winemaking practices, focusing on organic and biodynamic farming methods to cultivate their vineyards. With a dedication to sustainability and minimal intervention in the cellar, Rheingau's natural winemakers allow the region's classic grape varieties such as Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) to shine with purity and expression. The resulting wines are often marked by vibrant acidity, intense fruit flavors, and a distinct minerality derived from the slate and quartzite soils of the region. From crisp, dry Rieslings to elegant, earthy Pinot Noirs, Rheingau's natural wines reflect both the richness of the terroir and the innovative spirit of its winemakers. As the demand for authentic, terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Rheingau stands as a shining example of Germany's contribution to the world of natural winemaking.