Producer Profile

Bodegas Moraza

For six generations, we've nurtured our vines and crafted wines in the heart of Rioja Alta's Golden Mile, specifically in San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Àbalos. Our extensive experience has instilled in us a deep reverence for nature. Embracing organic cultivation, we carefully tend to our vines, applying minimal intervention guided by biodynamic principles.

Where The Wines Come From


Natural wine production in Rioja, Spain, reflects the region's esteemed winemaking tradition and commitment to quality. Situated in the north of Spain, Rioja boasts a diverse landscape of rolling hills, fertile valleys, and ancient vineyards. Here, the noble Tempranillo grape reigns supreme, alongside Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo, producing wines of depth, complexity, and character. Natural winemakers in Rioja honor the land by practicing organic and biodynamic farming methods, nurturing their vines without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. In the cellar, they embrace minimalist techniques, favoring spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts and minimal sulfur usage. The resulting wines are a true reflection of their terroir, with vibrant fruit flavors, supple tannins, and a sense of place. Whether enjoyed in their youth or aged to perfection in Rioja's famous cellars, natural wines from this iconic region offer a pure expression of Spanish winemaking heritage and a taste of the authentic Rioja terroir.