Producer Profile

Benjamin Bridge

Benjamin Bridge, nestled in Nova Scotia's Gaspereau Valley, has become a standout in Canada's wine landscape, particularly renowned for its sparkling offerings. With a focus on traditional method bubbles crafted from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, their signature "Benjamin Bridge NV" epitomizes their expertise. Yet, beyond sparkling wines, Benjamin Bridge also showcases a range of still wines, including the beloved "Nova 7."

What truly distinguishes Benjamin Bridge is their steadfast commitment to quality, reflected in their numerous accolades across Canada. Their sustainable practices, both in vineyards and production, underscore a profound respect for the environment.

Where The Wines Come From

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, the emerging natural wine scene is characterized by a unique expression of the region's terroir and a commitment to sustainable viticulture. Nestled along the Atlantic coast, Nova Scotia's cool climate and maritime influence shape the grapes grown here, resulting in wines that boast bright acidity, refreshing minerality, and distinct fruit profiles. Natural winemakers in the region prioritize minimal intervention, allowing indigenous yeasts to ferment the grapes and avoiding additives or excessive manipulation in the cellar. This approach results in wines that are vibrant, textural, and reflective of the land from which they originate. Nova Scotia's natural wine movement is gaining traction, attracting both local enthusiasts and international acclaim for its innovative approach to winemaking and commitment to authenticity.