Producer Profile


Alhambra wine, rooted in the sun-drenched vineyards of Spain, epitomizes the country's rich winemaking heritage. Each bottle reflects the terroir of its origin, whether it's the rolling hills of Rioja, the rugged terrain of Priorat, or the coastal vineyards of Catalonia. Crafted with expertise and passion, Alhambra wines showcase a diverse range of flavors, from bold reds to crisp whites and refreshing rosés. With every sip, enthusiasts are transported to the heart of Spain, where tradition and innovation converge in the art of winemaking.

Where The Wines Come From


In the heart of Argentina's wine country, Mendoza stands as a beacon of natural winemaking amidst the Andean foothills. Here, in one of the world's highest wine-growing regions, winemakers are embracing sustainable practices and minimal intervention techniques to produce wines that truly reflect the essence of the land. With a focus on organic and biodynamic farming, vineyards thrive in the arid climate, cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Malbec, Torrontés, and Bonarda. In the cellar, winemakers champion spontaneous fermentation and aging in neutral vessels like concrete or clay, allowing the pure expression of the grapes and terroir to shine through. The resulting natural wines from Mendoza are bold and expressive, with intense fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a distinctive sense of place that captures the rugged beauty of the Andean landscape.