Our Causes

Partners, Organizations, and Philanthropies

As an organization, it’s very important to us to give back to the community and ensure that our products are not burdening the planet. As a female-founded company, we are also passionate about women’s empowerment as leaders and entrepreneurs, working with and supporting organizations that champion this!

Environmental Sustainability

WIRES Australia1% for the PlanetCarbon Fund Partner

In this area we partner with multiple organizations to donate over 1% of all our revenue (not profits) to organizations that support the environment and give back to their communities!

Our partners are sometimes one-off, like when we donated 100% of our profits to WIRES during the terrible outbreak of wildfires in Australia.

Other times we have long-standing partnerships, like with the Carbon Fund which helps us offset the carbon emissions of all the wines being transported from the vineyard to your doorstep!

We are personally passionate about sustainability (working towards Zero Waste in 2020) and if you are too and have specific organizations that you love, please reach out and let us know, as we are always happy to find new partners and way to support organizations that mean a lot to our customers!

Additionally, if you are an environmental organization that would like to work with us, please reach out as we love to donate both money and wine, volunteer, and generally support these organizations!

Empowering Women

Female Founder CollectiveWomen of the Vine and SpiritWonder Women of Wine LogoWomen in Wine Expo

As a Woman-Owned organization, MYSA is a part of multiple women’s business groups as well as supports organizations who are working to empower women! 

The wine industry is lucky to have several organizations that support women in the industry and we’re proud to be a member of the Women of the Vine and Spirit as well as support and sponsor the Wonder Women in Wine event! If you are a woman in the industry, we highly recommend you check both of these organizations out as they have tremendous resources!

As the occasion arises we also support by donating wine to all kinds of events that empower women, from women’s MBA programs, to wellness retreats, to many things in between. If you are hosting an event that is focused on empowering women, please get in touch as we’d love to talk with you!

As founder of a sustainable natural wine importing company, Holly speaks out on sustainable living and empowering women in the workforce. She will also be speaking at the Women in Wine Expo this May on Dry Farming and consumer trends in sustainability.