Partners, Organizations, and Philanthropies

As a small business, it’s very important to us to give back to our communities and ensure that our products are not burdening the planet. As a female-founded company, we are also passionate about the empowerment of women and BIPOC communities to encourage more diversity in leadership and business, and partnering with and supporting organizations that champion this objective.

2021 Holiday Campaign  

Beyond our typical partnerships, with our founder studying sustainable agriculture and volunteering at our local food bank we've been more focused on food security and feel that the holidays are the perfect time to give back to organizations helping feed Americans across the US. With this in mind, MYSA will be donating a meal for every order placed in November and December! We'll take a look at the locations of the orders each month and do our best to get the donations as local to our orderers as we can.

Environmental Sustainability

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We are driven in business to leave a positive impact on the world with our products, customer service and overall brand experience. In order to reduce our footprint in this area we partner with multiple organizations to donate to organizations that support the environment and give back to their communities!

Our partners are sometimes one-off, like when we donated 100% of our profits to WIRES during the terrible outbreak of wildfires in Australia. But we are also members of the Porto Protocol where Holly writes on sustainability in natural wine.

Personally we are passionate about sustainability (working towards zero-waste) and if you are too and have specific organizations that you love, please reach out and let us know, as we are always happy to find new partners and way to support organizations that mean a lot to our customers!

Additionally, if you are an environmental organization that would like to work with us, please reach out as we love to donate both money and wine, volunteer, and generally support these organizations!

Empowering Underrepresented Communities

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MYSA is a woman-owned organization and committed to highlighting, supporting and empowering other women in business. We also believe in fostering a diverse workforce and support organizations committed to ending racial injustices.  

The wine industry has several organizations with missions to support women in wine. We are proud members of Women of the Vine and Spirit and Female Founder Collective, and we are a sponsor and partner of Lift Collective. For women working in the industry, we highly recommend you check out these organizations as they provide tremendous resources to help you move forward in your career. 

We also support groups by donating to causes that empower BIPOC communities, from events, to direct funds, to silent auction donations and many others in between. If you are hosting an event that is focused on empowering women and/or BIPOC communities, please get in touch as we’d love to talk with you.