Welcome to the November Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:

We are in full-blown cozy MYSA season! With that in mind we have all kinds of wines to enjoy by the fire and/or with friends and family during all of the upcoming holidays. If you're doing Friends/Thanksgiving I'd specifically set aside the Super Remi and Zin for the occasion! Don't sleep on the Origins from Old Westminster. You may have had their piquettes, but their regular wines are *chefs kiss* and show a more serious side of our fav MD producer.

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Zinfandel - Breaking Bread
  2. Origins - Old Westminster
  3. Super Remi - Dufaitre
  4. Khronos Penedes Red - Finca Parera
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Zinfandel - Breaking Bread

Redwood Valley - USA



A medium ruby natural red wine with berry fruit-forward tannins of black fruits, notes of spicy pepper, and fresh green herbs. Fresh acidity on the back of the palate with a sweet oaky finish! 

Pairings: Portobello Mushrooms, Stuffed Aubergine, Fried Manchego

Serving Temperature: 54°- 60°

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About Breaking Bread

Bodegas Pinoso Winemaker

Creating Breaking Bread has informed my approach to winemaking. I have the technical foundation and confidence of someone who has been making wine successfully for nearly two decades, and the curiosity and inspiration to make high quality, delicious natural wines – and this is just the beginning! -Breaking Bread 

Origins - Old Westminster

Maryland - USA



Ruby red in color with sour cherry, floral, and plum on the nose. A great red to enjoy alongside great company or to let hang out in your cellar for up to five years.

Pairings: Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Pork, Charcuterie

Serving Temperature: 60°- 65° 

About Old Westminster

Old Westminster Winemaker
The Baker family, established in 1985, didn’t always know they would spend their lives making wine together. Jay & Virginia, founders of the family, always dreamed of working with their children and preserving their farm. In 2008, all three of their children – Drew, Lisa and Ashli – were away at college, and they found themselves empty nesters. It was time to either put their land to work, or move on. Upon discovering that grapevines have an affinity for rocky soil, elevation, abundant sunshine and a steady year-round breeze – all characteristics of their land – the family explored the idea of planting a vineyard and starting a winery together.


Super Remi - Dufaitre

Beaujolais - France



    A light, lively, and chillable red from Beaujolais-Villages. A blend from different Beaujolais Villages vineyards with more clay in the soils, spending a short time macerating. Zero sulfur added. 

    Pairings: Duck, Roasted Chicken, Pork

    Serving Temperature: 54°- 60°

    About Dufaitre

    Dufaitre Winemaker

    Rémi makes wines in a classic carbonic style, using whole bunches, which are carefully sorted to avoid broken grapes or rot. He adds some carbon dioxide gas to protect the grapes at the beginning of fermentation and does not use any temperature control. He avoids foot stomping the grapes unless he sees some volatility starting to creep in. His goal is to have as little juice in the tank as possible. He also performs routine analysis to see how the yeast is performing and whether or not there is any volatility. Remi makes all his wines with the same method, thus we can really see and taste the differences between the sites, with minor differences in the elevage of each cuvée. He tastes each cuvée before bottling and may decide to add between zero and 2 mg of sulfur, depending on how stable he judges the wine to be. - Jenny and Francois 


    Khronos Penedes Red - Finca Parera

    Penedès - Spain



    A cloudy ruby natural red wine with intense fruity strawberry flavors, jammy with hints of spice, easy-drinking tannins, and a dry finish!

    Pairings: Crispy Fried Halloumi, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Duck Confit Croquettes

    Serving Temperature: 54°- 60°

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    About Finca Parera

    Finca Parera Winemaker

    One of the most exciting regions in Spain when it comes to natural wine has got to be the Penedès. I know that may sound a bit strange considering the amount of plonky Cava being made, but this is actually part of the reason driving a group of young winemakers to do things differently. I call it the process of diseducation and at the forefront of this movement is Ruben Parera. Keep reading and you’ll know what I mean… Finca Parera is located in the upper Penedes region, characterized by its calcareous clay soils. Rubén converted his family’s 10h estate from organic to biodynamic farming, continuing the natural process into the cellar while applying the same practice to their cherries, almonds, olives, and vegetables, obtaining the rather grueling Demeter certification on their first visit. - Selections de la Vina


    Wine Evaluation Sheet

    Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!