Welcome to the May Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine!

A note from our founder: 

Happy May Friends!

We are headed/in the warm months now so we are giving some lighter orange wines for chilling outside! Since y'all didn't get the Pizza Wine exclusive we had with Amplify, we have the very appropriate Under the Sun Orange for you instead this month, so def save for the pool! We also have a fun comparison of Ramato wines with the Graupert and Beurot so if you like those make sure to drink them along side each other to see completely different styles! Slovenia can also be known for hefty orange, but the Smokvica shows you how they do amazing with a lighter touch as well!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Graupert - Meinklang
  2. Under the Sun Orange - Amplify Wines
  3. Le Beurot Pinot Gris - Maison Yves Duport
  4. Pošip Smokvica White - Negotians Vinarius
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Graupert - Meinklang

Burgenland - Austria 



A super complex orange wine made with Pinot Gris grapes that spend 2 weeks on skins. Aromas of blood orange, floral, and red fruit. On the palate you'll find that the flavor profile evolves but is always very aromatic and full of juiciness! Juicy fruit with some sweet and sour notes!

Pairings: Barbecue, Pizza, Charcuterie

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Meinklang

Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria south of capital town Vienna: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Unique is the estate owns Angus & Aubrac cattle herd. It`s the farms source for our own nutritious, organic fertilizer for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle in the biodynamic Demeter farming. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat. - From Zev Rovine

Under the Sun Orange - Amplify Wines

California - USA


Another hit from Amplify Wines! A super tasty orange co-ferment of Grenache Blanc and Viognier! Tropical fruit flavors. 

Pairings: Picnic Food, Pizza, Roasted Chicken

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Amplify Wines

They seek to amplify the voice of site and enhance the singular characteristics of a given vineyard, marrying a sense of place with a sense of style. Their farming seeks to establish a healthy ecosystem, enhancing and supporting the natural characteristics of a given place.                                                     

Le Beurot Pinot Gris - Maison Yves Duport

Bugey - France



Skin-contact Pinot Gris that spends a short time on the skins and is fermented with natural yeasts, staying in stainless steel for six weeks. Bottled with no added SO2. The color is the classic and beautiful orange/pink color of skin-contact Pinot Gris. A very complex wine with evolving flavors such as pear, salt, almonds, coconut, and herbs.

Pairings: Barbecue, Pizza, Charcuterie

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Maison Yves Duport

Gradually over four generations the estate has been built up to almost 10 hectares in this rugged terrain. There are three main soil types, each matched with its best corresponding varietal as a result of careful observations: the soils of the Montagnieu area white marl clay, perfect for Altess (Roussette) and Mondeuse; the silica and limestone soils of the moraine hillside slopes are perfect for Chardonnay; and finally the clay and limestone mountain scree soils where Pinot Noir excels. Yves make his cuvees by working in fellowship with neighboring winemakers of similar mindsets, the production occurring either fully or partially in his cellar – the result is that about half the production is Bugey blanc, 30% is Bugey method traditionnelle, and 20% is Bugey rouge. Make no mistake, Yves tends to all the vines and sees them through to bottling, preferring to work with nature, the soil and the climate, using no chemicals whatsoever, while in the cellar acting more as a quiet conductor to the forces of nature as they coalesce. -Domaine Yves Duport

Pošip Smokvica White - Negotians Vinarius

Dalmatia - Croatia


During fermentation, the wine was macerated for three days, then matured on the lees in stainless steel for one year before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. Toasted almond flavors along with a rich herbal flavor, and a light finish. Tons of citrus minerality! 

Pairings: White Fish, Pasta, Octopus

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52° 

About Negotians Vinarius 

"Situated on the southern Croatian island of Korčula, Negotians Vinarius is a collaboration between the Marinovic family, local organic farmers led by a father in his 60’s, and Marko Kovac, the founder of Austria-based Karakterre wine salon. The story is one of inspiration by historic Korčula winemaking, as well as of building the island’s agricultural future through natural terroir-driven winemaking.

“Marinovic family has two vineyards – just over a hectare in total – of local Pošip and Plavac varieties. They are organic farmers out of conviction on an island that’s still finding its way to organic agriculture. They used to make wines in their garage for themselves, and then sold some at the door to those that passed by – never really actively or outside the island itself,” says Kovac.

Kovac engaged with the project in 2019. He altered the initial winemaking process by picking earlier (end August-early September), eliminating any additions at fermentation or during the vinification process, as well as lowering overall sulphur. “The family saw a return to tradition in what I suggested. We agreed quickly.”

The vineyards are located in a sun-soaked valley of Smokvica. This is a well-known Croatian vineyard site rich with underground water thanks to its history as a lake in Jurassic times. The soil here is one of terra rossa mixed with sandstone on a base of dolomite limestone. The visual and the feeling is one of deep a Mediterranean, warm climate. The island capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

At Negotians Vinarius, following short skin contact, grapes are hand-pressed in an old, restored mechanical press. The juice is then vinified, racked and kept in stainless steel for somewhat less than a year.

The goal is to use historic wine knowledge in making natural wines that honestly express the local varieties.

The labels are paintings kindly provided by Kovac’s friend, Matt McClune, an American artist and coffee roaster based in Saint Romain, Burgundy. “I’ve asked Matt for permission, as the labels reminded me of what was in the bottle.”

Winegrowing on Korčula predates Christ. In fact, it was one of the key islands of today’s Croatia to supply the Roman court with grapes and wines at the height of the Empire’s rule. The traders of wine between the islands and Rome were called Negotians Vinarius."

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!