Welcome to the March Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:

We made it to Spring BUT, at least where I am, it's still snowing a LOT. So, this month I have a bit of light fresh spring and a bit of what you still need to put with the tasty foods you're eating in this cold weather. On the warmer side we have Redition which is one of the most nuts (and tasty) red's I've had in the last year! We also have the Refosco that will be perfect for pairing with your heavier meals. On the lighter side we have a liter of glou from Flavia, one of our fav female winemakers out of Sicily. We also have Pomagrana which is a super fun Spanish wine that feels like the perfect transition to Spring!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Redition - Schmelzers Weingut
  2. Pomagrana Conca de Barbera Red - Lectores Vini
  3. Taillè - Flavia
  4. Refosco - Rojac
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Redition - Schmelzers Weingut

Burgenland - Austria



A savory red wine cuvée from Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Roesler grapes. U nfiltered with no added sulphur! Dark crimson in color, with a fruity bundle of currants and gooseberries, subtle cocoa and with fine tannins, and a round mouthfeel. Finishes long, pleasant, and elegantly. 

Pairings: Pasta, Aged Cheese, Grilled Meat

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55° 

About Schmelzers Weingut

"Georg Schmelzer is a fourth generation winemaker in the Gols region near Lake Neusiedl in Austria. Georg’s winemaking philosophy is in line with the Demeter guidelines and uses a variety of biodynamic preparations for the revitalization of the soil and keeping his vines as healthy as possible.

Practices like the utilization of horn manure, ground crystal, and infusions of herb, such as horsetail, all participate in promoting soil health and vine strength and metabolism. The harvest is done by hand and the wine is aged in neutral oak without filtering, fining, or addition of any sulfur. It’s this respect for the land and the ability to let the grapes express themselves with minimal intervention that make Schmelzer’s Weingut so special. - Zev Rovine Selections"

Pomagrana Conca de Barbera Red - Lectores Vini

Catalunya - Spain



Hand-harvested Trepat from Catalunya is macerated with skins for 14 days before being aged in stainless steel for 4 months with the lees. Deem this a light chillable red or a dark rosé; we'll take both! Playful on the palate, with hints of pepper and fresh fruit, this is a thirst quencher. Tasting Notes: Cranberry, pomegranate, cherry!

Pairings: Tapas, Barbeque, Cheese Plate

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52° 

About Lectores Vini

"It's pretty clear Fredi Torres does things his own way. Born in Galicia, Fredi spent most of his young life in Switzerland. There he worked for Nike, studied audio engineering and had a successful career as a house DJ. One bottle of Clos Mogador 1998 changed all that.

After phoning René Barbier over and over with no success, Torres just showed up on Barbier's doorstep and began his career in winemaking. Moving from DJ'ing nightclubs to shoveling compost seemed daunting but Fredi has never been afraid of hard work. He's a man who "hates weekends," sleeps 4-5 hours a night and has no television.

Single-mindedly focused on his goal of making amazing wine. In 2013, Fredi and his friend and business partner Mark Lecha began Lectores Vini with 6 hectares in the mystical Priorat. The rocky soil and steep vineyards, with elevations between 300 to 600 meters, demand careful thoughtful farming. With the inability to utilize any machinery, everything is done by hand and animals. What they are doing there is magical, pulling off the unusual feat of a Priorat that is easy-drinking as soon as you open the bottle, but will still hold up with age. Mark and Fredi also farm grapes in the surrounding Montsant. The cooler and rainier climate lends itself to wine that is playful, with more fruit, or as Fredi put it "no shiki-miki." - Selections de la Viña"

Taillè - Flavia

Sicily - Italy



A soft and elegant wine made with 50% Perricone and 50% Frappato grapes. Deep ruby red in color with hints of purple. A very good structure paired with a fresh fruity profile! A definite crowd pleaser! Tasting Notes: Notes of fruit such as blackberry, cherry, plum along with cloves and licorice.

Pairings: Chicken, Burger, Tapas

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Flavia  

"Flavia Rallo—a young wine producer of the fourth generation of the historic Rallo family is interpreting the values of her great grandfather—spreading the culture of good wine and quality products of their territory by completely dedicating themselves to the creation of native Sicilian wines. The passion for work, excellent intuition and commitment have led to the production of natural wines from certified organic fruit, unfiltered, and with very low sulphite contents. These wines, with their lively freshness, come from the historic vineyards owned by the Rallo family since 1860. They are located between Contrada Birgi and Paolini, a stone’s throw from the Riserva dello Stagnone and the historic Marsala salt pans.

The presence of the sea contributes to the creation of soils rich in minerals and with high sapidity—characteristics that give life to unique wines with Sicilian flavors and aromas. They also work with vineyards on the northern slope of Mount Etna. The vines, between 20 and 30 years old, come from some of the best terroirs on the volcano: the North Slope of Mount Etna, in the Zottorinoto and Puntale Palino contrada of Solicchiata, a hamlet of Castiglione di Sicilia, at 950 meters (3116 feet) altitude and on sandy volcanic soils.

The choice to work organically is an effective choice for the well-being of each individual but also for the planet, the sustainable choice is a direct vote for the health and hope of the generations to come. Their main objective is not to achieve high production levels, but to maintain and increase the levels of organic matter in the soils by completely eliminating the supply of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to fight parasites (insects, mites, etc .) and pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses). Their organic production method therefore has a dual function: to respond to the demand from consumers for healthy and safe wines; on the other hand, to produce natural wines that contribute to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development. - Minum"

Refosco - Rojac

Slovenia - Istria



Do you like the funk? If so, Refosco is your ideal wine! It's earthy with sour cherry, dark raspberry, and hints of dried herbs. This is a wine that is made for pairing with foods such as tomato-based stew or sweet and sour pork. Full-bodied on the palate with great length. 

Pairings: Stew, Pork, Game

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58°

About Rojac 

"The Rojac family has lived in Gažon ever since the seventeenth century. Growing vine and olive trees have always been the family’s main devotions. They have revived the ancient tradition of wine growing on the hills of the Slovenian Istria and their descendants, the young generations keep continuing the tradition.

The Rojac family believes in the wine-cultivating tradition shaped by their grandfathers and they believe in the findings of the modern enology. Hence they grow wines that are close to nature and let the nature work its own way, however supervising closely the growth and the shaping of wine's character. The wine is produced in the vineyard.

A winegrower must feel every vine and the vine must be like a child to him. Densely planted vineyards, vines with little prolongations, lots of sun and air give a small, but high quality harvest. This is what they want as only good plants can be turned into a high quality wine. From the moment they come into the cellar to the moment when they leave it, the grapes are exposed to minimal human interference. They let the must take its natural way for turning into the delight that is later poured into the glass. It seems like the winegrower squeezes a magic potion into the glass.

The natural conditions in the Slovenian Istria are favorable to viticulture. The climate is warm and the percentage of sunny days is the highest of all Slovenian wine growing regions. For that reason, it is possible to claim that Slovenian Istria is a “non mass production wine growing area”, where through controlled products and sensible growing techniques the Rojac Family is able to grow exceptional quality grapes of white, and above all red sorts of vintage wines.
In the wine cellar they do their utmost to concentrate on the wine and its needs. The emphasis is set on the structure and richness of the wine. They allow the wine to express in the bottle the characteristics of the soil and the area of its origin.

Due to macerations and autochthonous yeasts Rojac wines receives an authentic seal of recognition for Rojac Family’s work. The wine is not filtered and is therefore permitted a full development when bottled. These are the guidelines for creating the unconventional character of Rojac wines. - Hootananny Wines"

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!