Welcome to the March Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine!


A note from our founder:

Welcome to the March orange club! I'm very excited about this mix because we have several wines we'd normally never be able to fit into the club and we have a great representation of different extractions. You can check out the videos and wine profiles for more information on each bottle, but I wanted to mention that if you're planning to cellar any of them, definitely pick the COS!

Enjoy these lovely wines and let us know what you think about the new profiles.

- Holly Berrigan, Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Rami - COS Azienda Agricola
  2. Amber - Halkia
  3. City Pop - Swick Wines
  4. Contrapposto - Zumo
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Rami - COS Azienda Agricola

Sicily - Italy



From 14-year-old grapes in the Vittoria region, this wine typically spends 15 days on the skins. Aging is done in concrete vats for nine months followed by time in the bottle for three months before release. Soft aromas of dried flowers, apricots, and citrus peels. On the palate, this wine is elegant and very satisfying. HOLL TO ADD

Pairings: Seafood, Shellfish, Grilled Vegetables

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52° 

About COS Azienda Agricola

If you live in America and have had a Sicilian wine lately, you have COS—at least partly—to thank for it. The success of this winery, started by a trio of high school friends in 1980, helped put Sicilian viticulture on the international map during a time when it was mostly producing bulk wine. Though Sicily has a millennia-old wine culture, there had been a decline in winemaking for more than a hundred years when Giambattista Cilia, Cirino Strano, and Giusto Occhipinti (acronym of their last names is where the name for the winery – COS – comes from) were given some grapes by Occhipinti’s father to ""give them something to do"" before university. From that early experiment, which involved foot stomping and an old antique hand press, they’ve been at the forefront of winemaking in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria region, which became Sicily’s only DOCG in 2005.

In fact, experimentation has been something of a defining ethos for COS. They tried making ripe wines with French barriques, but eventually settled into the style that they’re now famous for—natural, unadorned wines that show their place. Their estate grapes are farmed organically and biodynamically. The vineyards are dry farmed unless extremely dry weather requires irrigation. They use only indigenous yeast. They ferment the Pithos label in 400-liter Spanish clay amphorae buried in the ground, controlling temperature with a system of water tubes. They power their winery with solar panels. Each part of their process works to unprocess; that is—to preserve the fruit as the land gives it to them. Even their bottles are a stubby-shaped nod to their site—a replica of one that was excavated from their vineyards. These wines are benchmarks for the region, as distinctive as the folks behind them. - Cream Imports

Amber - Halkia

Nemea - Greece



From the #1 most produced white grape in Greece, Assyrtiko. Spends 4 days on the skins followed by 12 days of indigenous fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Lightly golden in color with aromas of overripe lemon, honey, and herbs. Heavy on the mouth with similar notes to the nose. Structured and round on the palate. Perfect with grilled seafood, Mediterranean platter, or even a lighter roasted chicken meal. Very delicious!

Pairings: Oysters, Shellfish, Feta Salad

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52° 

About Halkia 

Anna Halkia is a small organic female grower and winemaker in Nemea, the largest winemaking region of Greece and home to the Agiorgitiko grape (which is the most planted red Greek grape).

Anna grew up in Australia with her immigrant parents, and moved back to Nemea as an adult, to start her family with her husband. Her consciousness and care for her family had led her to organic viticulture, which, she felt, would shine more if she turned into her own wine, instead of selling her organic grapes as raw material and mixed with inferior quality grapes. In the early 2000s, she decided to create a basic winemaking facility in the back of her house, where the family’s vineyards are located. The lack of investment forced her to rely on basic technology and natural winemaking. There was no surplus of funds to buy lab yeasts and enzymes, which a consulting oenologist had advised her to do, so necessity turned her to wild fermentation and lo-fi winemaking. Her wines, naturally, earned a following, due to their raw expression of the organic fruit. Anna also applied and received her organic certification, to prove part of the work that goes into the vineyard.

Today Anna is still selling locally the small-batch wines she makes from Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko, and Roditis grapes, following the same methods she was forced to adopt, and which helped them stand out from the norm. - Eklektikon

City Pop - Swick Wines

Oregon - USA



One of the most popular producers we sell! Orange pet nat that is very unique! Pinot Noir is direct pressed and fermented separately. Semillon, Roussanne Verdelho and Sauvignon Blanc are fermented separately with 14 days of skin maceration. Florals on the nose along with yeast. Frothy on the palate, medium-bodied, with some red wine characteristics. Notes of forest floor, and stone fruit like pear. Yummy alone or with sushi, or appetizers.

Korean Cuisine, Pizza, Picnic Food

Serving Instructions: 45°- 50° 

About Swick Wines

Joe Swick is a 5th generation Oregonian winemaker who captures the true taste of the Pacific Northwest through his wines. Joe sources his grapes from organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyards in Oregon and Washington. After years of traveling and harvesting in various pockets of the world, such as Piedmont, Portugal, and Tasmania, Joe returned to Oregon to start his very own label in 2013. He embraces the minimal approach when making his wines such as using native yeasts, aging in old barrels and adding minimal sulphur during bottling—only when absolutely necessary. While Joe started out with a focus on making Oregon Pinot Noir, he now has explored many other grape varietals and experiments with different techniques during élevage.

Contrapposto - Zumo

California - USA



Pinot Gris and Muscat blend! A refreshing blend that is co-fermented until dry followed by being pressed then put into barrel. Florals, blood orange, and tart on the nose. Loads of floral, fruit, and sweet tart characteristics on the palate. A slight bit of volatile acidity that'll blow over by decanting for a bit. If you close your eyes while sipping this wine you'll be transported to a tropical island! Pair with mussels, or junk food such as pizza, hamburger or a kebab.

Pairings: Olives, Charcuterie, Spicy Food

Serving Instructions: 45°- 50° 

About Zumo

Zumo (how you say ""juice" in Spain) is a collaboration of wife and husband Georgia Staples and Diego Luis Perez. We make a small amount of wine with no additions of any kind (yeast, malolactic bacteria, clarifiers, stabalizers, acid, sulfites, velcorin, etc..)

We allow all of our wines to ferment naturally in open top fermenters and finish fermentation in either neutral oak or tank. The wines are naturally still alive when bottled and are intentionally fresh and tingly. Enjoy with friends and family. - Zumo

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!