Welcome to the June Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:

Summer has officially arrived and we have some great picks for these months! With 2 homegrown stunners from Divergent and Constant Crush, then you can pretend you're having a Grecian summer with a light red from there plus a light red from PERU! So crushable reds are in your future!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Zinfandel - Divergent Vines
  2. Popolka Kokkineli - Vaimaki
  3. Quebrada de Ihuanco Canete Lunahuana Red - Fundo El Quintanar
  4. Public Service Red Piquette - Limited Addition
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Zinfandel - Divergent Vines

California - USA 

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Floral aromatics, smooth mouthfeel and fresh picked wild berries on the palette. Tasting notes of cherry, blackberry and cranberry. 

Pairings: Turkey, Pork, BBQ Chicken Bourguignon

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

About Divergent Vines

"The story of divergent vine is about an underdog, an outsider, an unknown-non-traditionally trained winemaker trying to make it in the crazy wine industry.

My road less traveled inspires me to create natural wines from lesser known grape varietals, tell the stories of vineyards they come from, and provide a unique interpretation of varietals you might be more familiar with...all done with non-intervention winemaking techniques.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and come along for the ride. It's bound to be a journey of epic proportions.

- Divergent Vines

Popolka Kokkineli - Vaimaki

Amyndeo - Greece



A light red Greek Xinomavro with 3 days of maceration, a five-month elevage in ancient oak, and no added sulfites or other additions. A super fresh but highly strong expression of the variety, minimal tannins but complex in taste! Fresh with tons of strawberry. 

Pairings: Heavier Fish, Picnic Food, Seafood

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52°

About Vaimaki

"“Vaimaki Family” is the urban winemaking project of oenologist Vasilis Vaimakis. An oenologist with vast winemaking experience, Vaimakis is also one of the first oenologists of Greece who explored the limits of natural vinification of Greek grapes with zero sulfites. Although Eklektikon’s portfolio is centered around growers, Vaimaki Family is the only exception to the rule, in order to represent the first Greek vintages of no-added-sulfite wines, under the iconic and ever-changing label “Mater Natura”.

The Vaimakis family started working with wine production in the late 19th century. Vasilis Vaimakis wanted to revive the family winemaking tradition back in the 70’s, as a young oenologist, and started working for the Co-Op of Zitsa and Amyndeo, where he led both to unexpected commercial success. In the 90’s, having gained immense experience, he completed his PhD with a focus on the oxidation of white wines and ways to address that. He started experimenting with zero-sulfite wines in order to communicate the terroir of promising Greek grapes, and launched the Mater Natura line in 2009. Mater Natura is a series of unique numbers, reflecting unique vinifications that never repeat themselves. - Eklektikon"

Quebrada de Ihuanco Canete Lunahuana Red - Fundo El Quintanar

Ihuanco - Peru 

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Bold and structured. Ripe fruits and firm tannins. Earthy with notes of red fruits and citrus.

Pairings: Beef, Venison, Grilled Vegetables

Serving Instructions: 55°- 58° 

About Fundo El Quintanar

An exciting winery producing amazing wines in Peru that we're excited to showcase to you all!

Public Service Red Piquette - Limited Addition

Oregon - United States



An exciting Piquette by Limited Addition with a fresh, fruity mouthfeel. Goes down very fast so be sure to grab more than one bottle! Light and clean. 

Pairings: Brunch, Sushi, Roasted Chicken 

Serving Instructions: 42°- 48° 

About Limited Addition

"Ltd.+ are our personal handmade wines raised from our collaborations with inspired farmers to develop a diverse and sustainable wine landscape in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

These wines are made from alternative varieties through thoughtful farming and winemaking practices. - Constant Crush"

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!