Welcome to the June 6 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine!

A note from our founder:

Summer has officially arrived and we have some great picks for these months! With 3 homegrown stunners from Divergent, Constant Crush, and Margins, we also have an Oz pinot and rose plus a light red from PERU! So crushable reds, rose, piquettes, and orange are in your future!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Zinfandel - Divergent Vines
  2. Pinot Noir - Hare & Tortoise
  3. Quebrada de Ihuanco Canete Lunahuana Red - Fundo El Quintanar
  4. Isolated Rosé - Charlotte Dalton
  5. Skin Contact Chenin - Margins
  6. Public Service - Limited Addition
  7. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Zinfandel - Divergent Vines

California - USA 

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Floral aromatics, smooth mouthfeel and fresh picked wild berries on the palette. Tasting notes of cherry, blackberry and cranberry. 

Pairings: Turkey, Pork, BBQ Chicken Bourguignon

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

About Divergent Vines

"The story of divergent vine is about an underdog, an outsider, an unknown-non-traditionally trained winemaker trying to make it in the crazy wine industry.

My road less traveled inspires me to create natural wines from lesser known grape varietals, tell the stories of vineyards they come from, and provide a unique interpretation of varietals you might be more familiar with...all done with non-intervention winemaking techniques.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and come along for the ride. It's bound to be a journey of epic proportions.

- Divergent Vines

Pinot Noir - Hare & Tortoise

Yarra Valley - Australia



Highly drinkable yet medium bodied. The perfect Pinot Noir to bring to dinner parties as it'll please the whole table! Silky notes of red cherry and juicy plum. 

Pairings: Roasted chicken, Pork, Pasta

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Hare & Tortoise

"The wine regions of the great state of Victoria are some of Australia’s most picturesque and historical. Today we can expect to see exciting wines and evocative wine styles as common fare. Hare & Tortoise represents the steady pursuit of fine, individual, regional wines of great drinkability & interest through patience, knowledge and a hands-off approach to winemaking. - Little Peacock"    

Quebrada de Ihuanco Canete Lunahuana Red -

Fundo El Quintanar

Ihuanco - Peru



Bold and structured. Ripe fruits and firm tannins. Earthy with notes of red fruits and citrus.

Pairings: Beef, Venison, Grilled Vegetables

Serving Instructions: 55°- 58° 

About Fundo El Quintanar

An exciting winery producing amazing wines in Peru that we're excited to showcase to you all!

Isolated Rosé - Charlotte Dalton

Langhorne Creek - Australia



Organic, rosy-hued, summer garden in a bottle. Fresh fruit and herbaceous aromas round out this medium-bodied Rose'. Strawberries, bing cherries and cheesy notes. 

Pairings: Asian Foods, Grilled Meats, Fish

Serving Instructions: 45°-50° 


About Charlotte Dalton

"I love wine. I have been making wine all over the world for close to two decades. I have been drinking wine all over the world for longer. I love how I feel when I walk through vineyards. I love the journey of turning grapes into wine. I love to watch the personalities develop in every single barrel and I love to observe the effect of the years passing on bottles of wine. To drink my friend's wines brings me so much pleasure as does discovering wines from artists and places that I don't know.

I think wine can be felt. I get so much joy making the Charlotte Dalton wines that surely, you will feel joy when you drink them. I firmly believe that a wine must be made with a happy heart and a content soul. And that is, simply, why I make the Charlotte Dalton Wines; to bring me joy, happiness and contentedness and to share and hopefully pass those feelings on to you through the wines.

In case you were wondering; Dalton is my middle name and was my Grandfather Hardy's christian name. When my 3 brothers and I were little children, my amazing and dearly missed mother, used to tuck us into bed at night and say ""love you, love me - love me, love you""

- Charlotte Hardy x"

Skin Contact Chenin - Margins

Oregon - USA



Lighter, dry and acidic wine with a good dose of tannins. Punchy and fruIt forward, but not sweet. Earthy minerals and honey combine with fruity profiles of pineapple, melons and citrus. 

Pairings: Shellfish, Spicy Foods, Lean Fish

Serving Instructions: 45°- 50° 

About Margins

"Margins produces low-intervention wines using grapes from underrepresented regions, vineyards, and varietals. We are part of the growing movement in California to make wines from vineyards farmed organically or in organic conversion using minimal additives during the winemaking process, thereby showcasing the vineyards the grapes came from.

Much like people living on the 'margins of society,' vineyards can be outcasts too. Most consumers of wine are only familiar with a handful of grape growing regions and types of wine. Margins draws attention to vineyards and varietals throughout northern and central California that find themselves on the margins without the recognition they deserve.

Part of the Margins mission over the last five years has been to work with small growers to transition their vineyards from conventional to organic farming by providing guidance as well as assurance that the grapes will have a home. We believe that if we worked solely with organic vineyards, we would not be using our role in the industry to its full potential to enact agricultural change. As of vintage 2021, all the vineyards Margins works with are farmed organically.

Margins is a winemaking endeavor of Megan Bell, a winemaker living and working in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Prior to settling on the central coast of California, Megan received her BS in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis in 2012 and apprenticed in wineries and vineyards in Napa, the Livermore Valley, the Willamette Valley, Central Otago (NZ), and the Loire Valley (France). - Margins"

Public Service - Limited Addition

Oregon - USA



Made from partially pressed and fermented skins of a field blend cab franc, whole-cluster grenache rose, and cab franc rose. Low in alcohol and complex in flavor. This will be your new go-to for day drinking!

Pairings: Heavier Fish, Picnic Food, Seafood

Serving Temperature: 45°- 48° 

About Limited Addition

Ltd.+ are our personal handmade wines raised from our collaborations with inspired farmers to develop a diverse and sustainable wine landscape in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. These wines are made from alternative varieties through thoughtful farming and winemaking practices. - Constant Crush.

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!