Welcome to the June Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine!

june 2021 red club


A note from our founder:

Welcome to the June 2021 Red Club! We have a really fun mix of wines for you this month AND since y'all didn't get to participate in our orange wine collab with Swick, we put in an amazing crowd pleaser of Feints from Ruth Lewandowski to make up for it.  In addition, for the red wine club only we have some beautiful aged wines from Beaujolais and Spain that i would certainly build my meals around plus a crowd pleasing liter of Garnacha that does amazing with a chill for summer sipping. Enjoy!

- Holly, founder MYSA Natural Wine 

  1. Feints - Ruth Lewandowski
  2. Philibert Beaujolais - Julien Merle
  3. Sietejuntos - MicroBio
  4. GULP Garnacha - Bodegas Parra Jimenez
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Feints - Ruth Lewandowski

California - USA


Feints is quite an unexpected wine. It's a co-fermentation of Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Arneis...yes, three reds and a white! Carbonic maceration keeps it poppy, light and fresh. This is the complex light red wine go-to and truly couldn't be more gluggable. Carbonic maceration keeps it poppy, light and fresh. Low tannins, high drinkability! Enjoy!

Pairings: Barbecue, Pizza, Heavier Seafood

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52°

About Ruth Lewandowski

"I've said it a thousand different ways since the beginning of Ruth Lewandowski Wines, and I think its most comprehensible to explain “Ruth” as a concept more than a living, breathing individual. A concept born out of the affiliation of my own philosophies of farming and winemaking (which indeed spill over to inform so many of my life beliefs) and one small but very significant text in the Old Testament of the Bible, the book of Ruth. Without sounding 'preachy' and so as not to offend the sensitive, and in the interest of concisely summing things up, I don't believe there to be a deeper, more compelling depiction of the natural cycle of death and redemption (both in the physical realm we can see and the spiritual realm we often do not) than this one short book.

Nothing that is alive today could be so without something having died first. This is the redemptive nature of our universe, of our planet, of our soils, plants, and ultimately you and I. The cessation of things is necessary to begin anew, even more fully. From the wreckage of death and tragedy at the beginning of the book of Ruth, a young woman finds life, finds beauty and is able to truly live....not simply in spite of the death, but because the death occurred at all. The regeneration of the life of our soils occurs only through organic matter...all completely dead, broken down carbon-based items. Natural fermentation is the building up and dying off of multiple strains of yeast and bacteria, each paving the way for the next strain to take over (and each leaving their altogether unique signatures of flavor, aroma, and textural compounds).

Who is Ruth? Well, with this sort of explanation, I suppose I could say that there is a bit of Ruth in all of us."

Philibert Beaujolais - Julien Merle

Beaujolais - France


From hand-harvested grapes grown on 65-year-old vines. Aged 10 months in neutral oak. Structured and medium-bodied with notes of juicy blueberry and black fruit. Bright bursting fruits followed by medium tannin. 

Pairings: Pasta, Pizza, Pork

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Julien Merle 

Julien Merle is a Beaujolais guy. He took over his parents’ estate about 8 years ago. His parents, like most Beaujolais winemakers sold their grapes, and in some cases bulk wine, to larger negociant producers. When he took over the winery, he became friends with Jean Foillard and Guy Breton who encouraged Julien to begin bottling his own wine. Over the years he has introduced horse plowing, natural yeasts, and now makes the wines totally without additives. Simple, straight forward gluggers. - Zev Rovine

Sietejuntos - MicroBio

Castilla y Leon - Spain


Aged for 12-14 months in barrel. Velvet in color. Aromas of cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla, and blackberry. On the palate, cherry, oak, vanilla, and dark fruit. Great to sip all night long! Juicy with acidity and medium+ in body. 

Pairings: Lamb, Veal, Lasagna

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

About MicroBio

Welcome to the República Independiente del Verdejo under President Ismael Gozalo. Many know him for his work at Ossian, one of the more respectable houses in Rueda, where he was the winegrower and maker since founding it in 2004. Ismael’s family owns some of the oldest (between 100-200 years old) ungrafted pre-phylloxera vines, most of which in the town of Nieva, province of Segovia between 800-900 meters of altitud. Characterized by it’s sandy soils, these head trained vines have never seen any chemicals over the different generations that have cared for them. Though outside of the D.O. for never budging to the region’s modern and manipulative techniques, to this day Ossian remains one of the few organic producers in Rueda. Today, under the Pago de Carraovejas umbrella, Ossian continues to make some of the more interesting wines of the region but Ismael took his talent elsewhere, bringing his family’s most prized vineyards with him.

GULP Garnacha - Bodegas Parra Jimenez

La Mancha - Spain


A light-bodied, youthful, and chillable Garnacha from the Gulp/Hablp partnership. This wine was made in both concrete and stainless steel with no aging past fermentation. Notes of black pepper and red berries.

Pairings: Barbecue, Roasted Pork, Charcuterie

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

About Bodegas Parra Jimenez 

We make wines with love, using our local traditions wedded to the latest technology. Our wines express the purity and beauty of our country. They are 100 percent honest. Made in Central Spain by a family with a deep history in viticulture, our wines are easy to drink yet filled with complex flavors. In a variety of styles, we bring them to you from the largest NOP-certified Organic vineyard in Europe. - Francisco Parra.

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!