Welcome to the July Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine!


A note from our founder:

Welcome to the July red club! We have a fun mix of fresh reds perfect for summer as well as one to cellar or have with your summer steak. Definitely look out for the Sangiovese comparison from an Italian version as well as a Texas wine country version, the kind of comparison you never knew you needed! 

- Holly, founder MYSA Natural Wine 

  1. Forgotten Dreams - Southold Farm + Cellar
  2. Formica Rossa - Colleformica
  3. Trossos Vells - Alfredo Arribas
  4. St. Laurent - Frauenfeld
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Forgotten Dreams - Southold Farm + Cellar

Texas - USA


This wine is a relative to Rosé, or in Italian, Rosato! Crazy gluggable on a hot sunny day (or any day really!). Yet very deep and complex. Fermentation was done in stainless steel followed by being pressed and racked to neutral French Oak Barrels for 5 months before bottling. Juicy with strawberry and rhubarb! Serve with a chill! 

Pairings: Pizza, Pasta, Blue Cheese

Serving Temperature: 48°- 52°

About Southold Farm + Cellar

Southold Farm + Cellar is a winery and vineyard that started on the North Fork of Long Island by Regan and Carey Meador, sold, moved and that now exists in Gillespie County, Texas.

We are and always will be a winery whose sole mission is to make wines that speak of place and time, that thrill and delight our friends, family and ourselves. In order to do so, our winemaking decisions are dictated by what has happened during that season, not stylistic emulation of other regions or forced consistency.

We believe in farming first and non-interventionist cellar methods.

All of this means you should expect our wines to vary year to year, like individual children with their personalities, we hope our work tells the story of Texas and that vintage through each variety in each parcel. - Southold Farm + Cellar

Formica Rossa - Colleformica

Lazio - Italy


A taste of Italy with 100% Sangiovese hand-picked grapes. 8 days spent on the skins followed by ageing in fiberglass. Garnet in color with aromas of red fruit, blueberry, and wildflowers. On the palate, blueberry, red currant, blackberry, hints of earth, and bright cherry are met with a fresh acidity! A juicy and fresh red! Did you know Formica Rossa translates to Red Ant in English? 

Pairings: Pizza, Pasta, Blue Cheese

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Colleformica

In our quest to discover more of the “real wine” of Lazio, we proudly introduce you to the wines of Colleformica and the father and son winemaking duo of Sergio and Paulo Bombetti.

Located roughly 40km south-east of Rome, and just over the other side of the Castelli Romani from Frascati, the family have owned and cultivated just 3 hectares of land for more than 100 years. Just 2 hectares are taken up with vineyards, with the remainder being a combination of olive groves, fruit trees, and a vegetable garden to provide for family consumption.

The vines here are upwards of forty years old, and consist of traditional varieties to the area - Sangiovese, Malvasia, and Trebbiano. They farm entirely naturally, and grapes are always hand-harvested. In the cellar, the process consists of manual pressing, native yeast fermentations without temperature control, 4 to 5 punchdowns a day, then aging only in fiberglass tanks (no oak). Rackings and bottling are done in accordance with the lunar calendar.

We invite you to explore these very limited wines from this very special family, who provide another link in the chain of courageous producers we represent, holding the torch high for an underrated and incredible region. - SelectioNaturel

Trossos Vells - Alfredo Arribas

Catalunya - Spain


A beautiful expression of the Carignan grape. Smooth tannins with a great acidic backbone. On the palate, a velvety feel with a moderately long finish. Earth, leather, oak, and dark fruit on the palate. This big and deep red is perfect for aging in your cellar! 

Pairings: Barbecue, Eggplant, Duck

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

About Alfredo Arribas

Alfredo Arribas has already had one successful career as an architect with experimental buildings dotting the globe. But at the end of the 1990’s, his work led him to establish deeper roots in the city of his birth, Barcelona. The Priorat region is 80 miles to the southwest of Barcelona and Arribas was naturally drawn to it as a wine lover. He purchased an estate, Clos del Portal, and began producing cult-worthy estate wines under the name Portal Del Priorat. The wines are inspired and the labels are playful. However, Arribas was looking for fruit to lighten and boost the acidity and lift the profile of his “Tros de Clos” wine, so he explored vineyards reaching further out of Priorat and into cooler, northwestern Montsant.

The vineyards Arribas found in Montsant inspired him to extend his vineyard holdings and produce two additional family of wines under the banner of Vins Nus (Eng. “naked wines”).

The SiurAlta wines from Vins Nus are a collection of high-altitude wines defined by terroir, freshness, acidity, and lightness with nothing added or taken away. The vineyards of SiurAlta wines are organically farmed and tended to by hand as the old goblet-trained vines dot the steep mountainsides sitting above altitudes of 700m. The majority of vines are in Cornudella del Montsant and the Montsant Natural Park, vines dating back 40 years or more. One cluster of vineyard plots sit below the Sant Joan del Codolar hermitage with calcareous soils and varied terroirs. Then farther to the northeast is the Gritella Mountain vineyards (clay and slate soils) that look across the valley to the west. This cluster of vineyards contains 2 hectares of newer vines as part of an effort to recover the Grenache Gris vines of Montsant. Practices are increasingly inspired by biodynamics as the vintages go by.

The inStabiles series of wines are, according to Arribas, free wines: individual releases ordered in a series by number and each receives its own subtitle. The wine itself is an opportunity for Arribas to free himself to experiment only within the confines of vintage and the origin of the fruit that include Morera, Torroja, and higher vineyards in Lloar. He sees each inStabile release as an exercise in assemblage, selecting from an array of unique methods and vessels available in his cellar. The unifying principle is navigating the wine trail itself by selecting wines that, when combined, evoke subtlety and weightlessness through craftwork.

In the cellar, fermentations are spontaneous and preserve whole clusters employing either carbonic macerations or short traditional macerations so as not to over-extract tannins. Three milligrams of sulfur are added before bottling to stabilize the wines and ensure quality after transport. Almost no oak is used in fermentation or élevage, instead a small amount of the wine stays in small stainless while the majority of wine is fermented and aged in cement eggs or clay amphorae of varied sizes and shapes. - T Edwards

St. Laurent - Frauenfeld

Weinland - Austria


Originating from one of the best locations in the world for growing St. Laurent. From 35-year-old vines, this wine is structured on the palate with a long finish. Decant first then try with stew, roasts, and aged cheese! Dark berries such as blackberry, mulberry, sour cherries, with a touch of oaky character on the palate!

Pairings: Stew, Roast, Aged Cheese

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

About Frauenfeld

From our nature. Wine and winemaker belong together. That is why we use our energy to make wine with individuality and a clear profile. Wine that suits us and our country.

The circumstances are well suited for this. In Tattendorf and Gumpoldskirchen - two traditional places in the Thermenregion wine-growing region - we have vineyards of very different terroir and vines of rare varieties. We perceive these extraordinarily favorable conditions as an obligation: to produce wine that corresponds to our soil and our type, wine from nature and from the conviction that it is not fashion that should determine the value of wine, but the critical judgment of people who Live the wine, live for the wine and love wine enjoyment as part of the good life. - Hannes, Christian & Michael Reinisch

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!