Welcome to the January 6 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine!

A note from our founder:

Happy New Year from all (3) of us at MYSA! Whether you just joined or have been with us for ages, we're so excited to be starting this year off with you and what a gorgeous group of wines it is to start! As we mentioned on the card, we've been working closely with Isabelle Legeron from RAW WINE lately and were introduced to her friend and importer Didier from Nomadic, where you'll see most of your wines came from this month. 

Starting off the year with Meinklang is always a good idea, and I loved it being low ABV bubbles to keep the celebration going. We have some outstanding picks from France and two liter bottles perfect for pizza and asian food!


-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Plume GR36 - Domaine Blanc Plume
  2. Littroto Rosso - L'Architepo
  3. Anjou Demon - Les Terres Blanches
  4. Foam Vulkan - Meinklang
  5. Verdejo 'Litrona' - Microbio
  6. Alella Aus Pét Nat - Celler de les Aus
  7. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Plume GR36 - Domaine Blanc Plume

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Roussillon - France


The grapes are grown from vines situated next to both a stream and a long-distance hiking trail which contribute to the strong minerality and liveliness of this wine! On the nose, plum, strawberry, and a hint of smoke. Crispy and juicy with a mixture of red and black fruit flavors on the palate. Great balance and complexity! 

Pairings: Grilled Meat, Heavy Fish, Sweet Starches

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55° 

About Domaine Blanc Plume 

We only occupy our children’s land for a while. So it’s up to us to take care of it, to be as honest as possible with ourselves about the choices we make, as simple as possible, and as respectful of this wealth in order to be able to transmit this heritage in its most beautiful spirit» Domaine Blanc Plume was born from the idea of the resilience of nature and the need to return to more respectful agricultural fundamentals, and we are convinced of the benefits of the precepts of biodynamics on our soils and vines, as well as by the return of animal traction for working the soil of the oldest vines (80 years old).

The vineyard is located in the heart of the future Corbières Fenouillèdes Regional Natural Park which is home to 47 species of birds protected by a European directive including the Milan Royal, an eagle with a white feather. Like an author’s wine, the baptismal name “Blanc Plume” also evokes for us the writer’s pen and the white of the page. Each new vintage is a new page for us to write and tell about. Two white grape varieties (Chardonnay and Sauvignon) and Five red grape varieties (Syrah, Carignan, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Grenache). Raphaël Colin’s project consists of practicing winemaking, in concrete egg in particular, through a biodynamic and natural approach. The vineyard received Demeter certification 2020. - Domaine Blanc Plume

Litrotto Rosso - L'Architepo

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Puglia - Italy


1-liter of pure fruity excitement! Purple-red in color with hints of violet. Super fruity with hints of minerals on the nose. Medium on the body with fine tannins. 

Pairings: Pasta, Pizza, Picnic Food

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55° 

About L'Architepo

"Francesco Valentino Dibenedetto, agronomist and farmer by birth, son of Carlo Dibenedetto, winemakers always.

Since the 80’s the company began the conversion to organic farming but he finds that the vitality of his lands does not proceed as it should and that is why since 2000 he moved to biodynamic thanks to the studies on Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy.

After a few years of biodynamic he realizes that there is still something that lacks and therefore, understanding the thought of Masanobu Fukuoka, finally come to practice sustainable agriculture, in which the synergies between all the ecosystem are linked. This is the synergistic agriculture, with which we made no more the biggest mistake that still today we do, practicing all the other types of agriculture ( from conventional, to organic, to biodynamic): plowing.

This new adventure develops together with his wife Anna Maria and their four children: Carlo Nazareno, Domenico, Andrea e Maria Clelia. Thaks to their constant and responsible care it has been possible to build the wine cellar, entirely made in tuff, where with precise climatic conditions it’s possible to enhance their precious grapes without using chemicals. The new generation’s entrance in the company, under the leadership of Francesco Valentino’s large experience, is likely to provide impetus and vitality to “L’Archetipo”. - L'Archetipo"

Anjou Demon - Les Terres Blanches

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Loire Valley - France


Juicy yet smoky with a strong tannic backbone. A unique red that undergoes 4-5 weeks of maceration followed by aging in underground concrete tanks. Very complex overall with notes of black fruit, floral, and green pepper. 

Pairings: Charcuterie, Soft Cheese, Roasted Pork

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Les Terres Blanches 

"We have made the choice in our various supplies to employ local suppliers, and as equitably as possible. Thus, we produce our hay and do our various rotations of meadows to feed our horse Toundra du Moulin, a Trait Poitevin of the local mulassière breed, and our small herd of sheep. With the help of the peasantry, we can collect our beans and triticale seeds for our green manures.

After the harvest, we make our Gamay de Bouze plots available for producers of organic medicinal plants to harvest the red vine leaves recognized for their benefits for blood circulation. In exchange, they provide us with various organic plants, such as horsetail or yarrow, which we need for our biodynamic herbal teas and decoctions.

For our dry materials, we put into circulation Burgundy bottles for still wines. This choice is reinforced by our membership in the “boutabout.org” association which allows individuals and catering professionals in the West to be able to recycle our bottles. We use natural cork stoppers produced and processed in organic (António Almeida Cortiças), or produced according to FSC certification (Porto Cork) located in Portugal. It is all these small daily gestures that bring us our balance. - Les Terres Blanches"

Foam Vulkan - Meinklang

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Somló - Hungary


Such a fun sparkling wine from the tiniest, most breathtaking wine region of Hungary! Quite fresh and acidic with lots of zip and zest with limes and tropical fruit! 

Pairings: Tapas, Picnic Food, Seafood

Serving Instructions: 42°- 48° 

About Meinklang 

Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria south of capital town Vienna: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Unique is the estate owns Angus & Aubrac cattle herd. It`s the farms source for our own nutritious, organic fertilizer for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle in the biodynamic Demeter farming. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat. - From Zev Rovine

Verdejo 'Litrona' - Microbio

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Catalunya - Spain


150 year old organically grown grapes make up this fresh Verdejo! Hand harvested and fermented in clay amphora to keep it young and lively! Drink this with caution, it's sips way too easy and the bottle will be finished before you know it! ;) Soft fruity notes with tropical vibes! 

Pairings: Fish, Poultry, Soft Cheese

Serving Instructions: 45°- 50° 

About Microbio 

Welcome to the República Independiente del Verdejo under President Ismael Gozalo. Many know him for his work at Ossian, one of the more respectable houses in Rueda, where he was the winegrower and maker since founding it in 2004. Ismael’s family owns some of the oldest (between 100-200 years old) ungrafted pre-phylloxera vines, most of which in the town of Nieva, province of Segovia between 800-900 meters of altitud. Characterized by it’s sandy soils, these head trained vines have never seen any chemicals over the different generations that have cared for them. Though outside of the D.O. for never budging to the region’s modern and manipulative techniques, to this day Ossian remains one of the few organic producers in Rueda. Today, under the Pago de Carraovejas umbrella, Ossian continues to make some of the more interesting wines of the region but Ismael took his talent elsewhere, bringing his family’s most prized vineyards with him.

Alella Aus Pét Nat - Celler de les Aus

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Catalunya - Spain


A Spanish pet-nat that is crispy and lively! A touch of cloudiness and soft bubbles. On the nose, floral, pear, and green apple. On the palate, each sip is refreshing with white fruit, herbs, and floral. Tons of white fruit, fresh herbs, and floral flavors. 

Pairings: Tapas, Appetizers, Seafood

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Celler de les Aus

"A family that has always been dedicated to viticulture. Josep Maria and Cristina have spent their whole lives sharing the wine and cava culture. Their daughters Mireia and Georgina grew up surrounded by vineyards, grapes, harvests and bottles. It’s in their DNA. Knowledge, passion, perseverance and dedicated to transparency. A lifestyle.

It’s a way of understanding wine and cava responsibly by making it entertaining, innovative while also adopting a real taste for new trends. They are committed to nature, so they offer an avant-garde product. Their respect for the land becomes the celebration of a new experience.

Established in 1991 on the 19th century Can Genís estate, the winery has always practiced certified organic farming techniques, creating a well-balanced ecosystem that respects the native flora and fauna. - Celler de les Aus"

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!