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  1. Beaujolais - Cambon
  2. Limite Acque Sicure - Controvento
  3. Metamorphika Trepat Amphora - Costador
  4. Pur Mythos - Brand
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Beaujolais - Cambon

Beaujolais - France


A project from one of the most famous Beaujolais producers Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Chanudet, and Joseph Chamonard, this wine is a textbook example of a beautiful carbonic bojo! Get ready for a fruit bomb! The aromatics are vibrant with bubblegum, banana, strawberry, earth, and fresh juicy red cherry. Pure Glou Glou juice on the palate! Put with your next roasted chicken or turkey, or with your strawberry dessert on V-Day!

Pairings: Turkey, Charcuterie, Vegetarian Dishes

Serving Temperature: 48°-52°

About Cambon

What began as a project of three friends: the late Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Chanudet (With his wife Geneviève) and Joseph Chamonard remains now in the hands of Jean-Claude Chanudet and his wife Geneviève (the daughter of Joseph Chamonard).

The trio purchased this 13 hectare parcel upon realizing that, despite being designated outside the grand cru status, it held prestige beyond title. Planted originally in 1914 in 3 parcels, it is complimented by a mixed soil composition of clayey granite and calcareous-sand. They expanded the plantings to make use of the subtle variations below, and combined the wines to create a harmonious (and amazing) definition of the entire plot. The ‘réserve’ bottling is from the oldest vines, called ‘Le Cambon.’ Following the biodynamic-organic practices they began so long ago, they tend their vines without chemicals or inorganic fertilizers.

Only natural yeasts are used in the cellar, and time is effectively given to the resting wines in the 200 year old foudre casks. Knowing a prized piece in any auction or display takes an artistic and weary eye; perhaps six eyes this time were better than one. No matter, the traditional wines of this overlooked set of vines, caught between Morgon and Brouilly is best tended under the watchful gaze of their rightful owners. 

Limite Acque Sicure - Controvento

Abruzzo - Italy



Technically a 50/50 blend of red and white wines co-fermented, this wine is definitely more on the red side but the white grapes give it some gripping acidity that we’d never see in a Montepulciano by itself. On the nose, notes of meat, smoke, and a little bit of reduction. On the plate you'll experience a unique combination of meat, sour gummies, and smoke, in the best way possible! Very balanced by the acidic backbone and light body. Best to be enjoyed lightly chilled. 

Pairings: Pasta, Chicken, Duck

Serving Temperature: 48°-52°

About Controvento

“This wine is produced thanks to the land rich in stones and its exposure, to the sun, to the sea breeze, and to the meticulous work of man.” — Vincezo Di Meo

Meaning “upwind” in Italian, Controvento is a 5 hectare vineyard in the Rocca San Giovanni region of Abruzzo just kilometers off the Adriatic Sea. Enzo’s farm, situated partially in a valley with the backdrop of the beautiful Adriatic in the distance, is a completely biological organically-run vineyard. Vines growing seven varietals all on calcareous soil are cooled by the salty sea breeze. The vines are fertilized with only winter green manure and are primed under falling moon. Zero chemicals of any kind are ever used.

Enzo’s philosophy of wine making is strict, allowing the grape to flourish in each and every bottle. Enzo once said that he wanted to make wines like his grandfather did, in the purest possible form. Enzo never fines, clarifies, filters, or uses and So2 and always allows for spontaneous fermentation. - Minum Selections

Metamorphika Trepat Amphora - Costador 

Catalunya - Spain



An extra special wine in the club this month that’s Trepat from amphora in a ceramic bottle! Aging lasts at least 5 months in clay amphora of 3500 liters. It’s very complex with red fruit, nuttiness, and chocolate. Very smooth, deep, and round on the palate with a good amount of tannin to combat some fattier foods or put with something smokey.

Pairings: Beef, Pasta, Veal

Serving Temperature: 50°-55° 

About Costador

Costador, run by Joan Franquet, works only using organic and biodynamic practices on a singular mountain where there are very old vineyards (some of them certified). The vineyards are very old, the majority of them between 60 to 110 year, spanning different “terroirs” (slate, clay and limestone) and at altitudes between 400 to 800 meters. With the high contrast of temperatures the grapes can mature for long periods allowing the preservation of freshness and acidity. The temperatures are always controlled throughout the entire process, from the moment the grapes are picked to fermentation and aging.

Joan Franquet strives to preserve the authentic flavor and taste of the varietals and so only uses wild and autochthonous yeasts for fermentation. The major part of the fermentation is done in amphora or stainless steel tanks, along with used French and acacia oak barrels. Aging is completed in amphorae and used oak as well.

Joan Franquet allows a genuine wine to develop from it's place of origin. The estate works with autochthonous Catalan varieties of grape: Reds - Grenache, Carignan, Sumoll Negre, and Trepat. Whites - Macabeu, Xarel-lo, Sumoll lanc, Parellada and Grenache Blanc. The estate's strictly holds to organic and biodynamic practices from vineyard to aging. - Savio Soares Selections

Pur Mythos - Brand

Pfalz - Germany



A deep juicy red from Cabernet Mitos with bramble and herbs. This is a highly unusual grape that is a crossing of Blaufränkisch and Teinturier du Cher. It spends 6 months on the skins followed by time spent in neutral barrels. Aromas of dark juicy cherry, plum, and blackberry. Savory on the palate and beautiful fruitless shining through. A really unique flavor profile, almost like pineapple juice with an earthy undertone. It's very dark with the dark fruit characteristics alongside some herbs, baking spices and delicious chocolate flavors. Absolutely worth taking a risk on a new varietal to try it!

Pairings: Roasted Meats, Heavy Pasta, Game

Serving Instructions: 55°-58° 

About Brand

The young brothers Daniel and Jonas Brand took over the family estate in 2011 and are part of a group in the Pfalz, Rheinhessen and Franken turning away from conventional farming and the sins of the 1960s and 70s. They are friends and colleagues with German winemakers Andreas Durst, Michael and Melanie of 2NaturKinder and Stefan Vetter and have looked beyond Germany as well for inspiration. Jonas just apprenticed at Domaine Jousset in Montlouis, as but one example.

The brothers farm limestone-rich soils in the ignored and overlooked northern Pfalz (Nordpfalz). Their northern haunt is a region without an identity, which suits the brothers just fine. This land is a blank slate. The climate is cooler than most of the Pfalz, which allows the grapes to ripen slower. The Donnersberg Mountain shields them from incoming weather systems, and the wind is then funnelled down two valleys producing breezes that keep the vineyards free from mildew. 2017 vintage is Brand’s first certified organic vintage, though they have been farming organically for years. The farming is also biodynamic, and everything is manually harvested. The young winemakers use the power of nature: plant-based products like herbal extracts or tea are used to strengthen the vines. Clover and wild herbs are intended to attract bees and other useful insects to the sites. This creates a greater variety of species and makes the vineyards more vigorous. Thus, the grounds stay healthy and fertile.

All the wines are fermented spontaneously with indigenous yeast and without temperature control. After the fermentation, a long time on the lees is obligatory for the brothers. The decision to bottle the wine isn’t based on a fix date, each wine needs his own time and the decision to bottle is only made by taste. Everything is bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with low or no sulfites. - Brand

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!