Welcome to the December Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder: 

We are ending the year with a BANG with some unreal US orange wines and the latest version of Brutal!!! for Pirouettes. We were stoked to get enough of the Unsung and Brutal!!! to put in the club so enjoy those and save for a special occasion! Happy New Year and Enjoy!

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Unsung Hero - Subject to Change
  2. Cru Boy Jealous - Hollow Wines
  3. Orange Extremadura - Vegas Altas
  4. Brutal!!! de Jean Marc - Les Vins Pirouettes
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Unsung Hero - Subject to Change

Mendocino - USA



A crisp natural orange wine with a stony and tropical fruit forward palate. Delicate citrus and melon flavors, with notes of minerality!

Pairings: Pan-fried Trout, Artichoke Salad, Whipped Goat Cheese

Serving Instructions: 38°- 45° 

About Subject to Change


Subject to Change Winemaker

Layering my passion for European natural wine and my knowledge of California viticulture and wine production, Subject to Change Wine Co was born as a way to connect my love of natural wine to my love of California, the land and the culture of growing and consuming locally. -Alex Pomerantz, Founder and Winemaker


Cru Boy Jealous - Hollow Wines

Santa Cruz Mountains - USA



A light coral pink natural orange wine with sweet and sour berry notes. Herbaceous, fresh light tannins, and balanced acidity with a soft finish!

Pairings: Pizza, Pork Tenderloin, Kebab

Serving Instructions: 44°- 55° 

About Hollow Wines


Hollow Wines Winemaker

Quinn Hobbs Hollow Wines is a newish natty California project from Woodson “Quinn” Hobbs, who grew up in Portola Valley, with his Aussie wife Alison and their daughter Mina. They currently live in LA but make the wine in Gilroy, sourcing fruit from organic vineyards up and down the state. Quinn not only has the Midas touch with wine, he's also getting his PhD in global leadership and change so that he can help other wineries produce low-carbon wine that’s better for the planet and the people. To that end, Hobbs requires fruit sources to be organic. If you use Roundup anywhere on the property, it's a firm no-go. “Roundup is a disaster for this planet,” he says. He considers himself a practitioner of No B.S. winemaking, which he equates to minimal intervention and using wild yeast with no adds other than some sulfur. Some might call it natural winemaking, but he prefers to say “simply good wine making.”

Orange Extremadura - Vegas Altas

Extremadura - Spain



A lightly acidic deep orange natural wine that tastes like a strawberry puree, with notes of tangerine, good tannins, and a short metallic finish!

Pairings: Pad Thai, Chilled Ajo Blanco, Cazuela de Mariscos

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Vegas Altas

Vegas Altas Winemaker

“Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González started Cerro la Barca in 2003. The two met in oenology school and bonded over their desire to revive the reputation of their native Extremadura, in western Spain near the Portuguese border. While it’s history can be traced to 550 BCE, phylloxera and powdery mildew hit the region hard in the 19th century. Winemaking started a gradual revival after the Spanish Civil War and has been picking up steam ever since. The majority of the wine currently produced in the region is bulk Vino de Mesa (table wine). Cerro la Barca is in the Ribera del Guadiana region, which was awarded DO status in 1999. Extremadura (capitol Mérida) is broken up into two subregions, Càceres in the north and Badajoz in the south. The DO Ribera del Guadiana falls in both regions and is broken down into six heterogeneous subregions that vary in elevation from 250 to 800 meters above sea level. As a whole, the region has a dry continental climate with temperatures getting up to 100 degrees in the summer and down to freezing in the winter. With an average rainfall of 17 inches a year, summer drought is a challenge in the region, as is springtime frost.

Brutal!!! de Jean Marc - Les Vins Pirouettes

Alsace - France



An orange wine from Alsace made with indigenous yeast and zero sulfur added. Spending around 18 days on the skins. You'll experience sea salt, floral, citrus, and stone fruit on the palate.

Pairings: Appetizers, Picnic Food, Grilled Chicken

Serving Temperature: 45°- 49° 

About Les Vins Pirouettes

Les Vins Pirouettes Winemaker

Les Vins Pirouettes is a project launched by Christian Binner, that brings affordable natural wines to the table, and at the same time helps organic and biodynamic grape growers in Alsace move away from selling their grapes to cooperatives towards making and bottling natural wines. Each cuvée is made at a young grower’s winery, where they supply the grapes and Christian supplies his 20 years of expertise in making natural wine in Alsace, and of course his marketing and distribution savviness. Each cuvée will feature the name of the grower on the bottle. - Jenny & Francois.


Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!