Welcome to the December 12 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:  

We are ending the year with a BANG with some bangers from across the US and dope bubbles. Ring in the new year with the gorgeous Kobal sparkling wine or the more fun Pink Pet-Nat from Vivanterre. We have some great price performers for having company over with Lurbira, Heaps Good, and Quoi Qu'il, and Gaby. Happy New Year and Enjoy with friends and family!

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Contra Costa Carignane - Post & Vine
  2. Quoi Qu'il En Goute - Jean François Coutelou
  3. Garnacha - Lurbira
  4. Cab Franc - Airlie Bank
  5. P’tit Gaby - Mas Theo
  6. Bloom - Old World Winery
  7. Yellow Muscat - Kobal
  8. Cru Boy Jealous - Hollow Wines
  9. White - Heaps Good
  10. Debit Pet-Nat - Pomalo
  11. Saveurs de Raphael - Les Vins Pirouettes
  12. Pink Pet-Nat - Vivanterre
  13. Wine Evaluation Sheet

    Contra Costa Carignane - Post & Vine

    Contra Costa County - USA



    A full-bodied natural red wine that is berrylicious, with notes of cocoa, well-balanced acidity, and medium tannins. Has a slightly spicy and oaked finish! Only 72 cases made! 

    Pairings:  Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Umami Braise-Roasted Turkey, Dark Chocolates

    Serving Temperature: 60°- 65°

    About Post & Vine

    Post & Vine Winemaker

    Testa Vineyard is located in Calpella, California in the Redwood Valley of Mendocino County. This beautiful ranch was founded in 1912 and is being farmed by the 4th and 5th generation of the Testa (Martinson) family. The head trained vines are planted on rolling hills in rocky, red, well drained soils composed of sandy and pebbly loam. The Carignane, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, and Grenache for Post & Vine were planted in the 1950’s and are dry farmed resulting in small clusters of concentrated, complex fruit. -Post & Vine 

    Quoi Qu'il En Goute - Jean François Coutelou

    Languedoc - France



    A full-bodied natural red wine that is dark fruit-forward, with a smokey aroma, integrated tannins, and a spicy finish! 

    Pairings: Pork Tenderloin with Raspberry Sauce, French Short Ribs, Aubergine Caviar

    Serving Temperature: 60°- 65°

    About Jean François Coutelou

    Jean François Coutelou Winemaker

    Garnacha - Lurbira

    Navarra - Spain



      A ruby-colored natural wine that is dark berry fruit-forward, bright acidity, medium tannins, with notes of vanilla and an oaky finish! 

      Pairings: Trucha a la Navarra, Carnitas, Petit Basque with Roasted Vegetables

      Serving Temperature: 54°- 60°

      About Lurbira

      Lurbira Winemaker

      Throughout my wine career I have always been drawn to the pure drinkability of Spanish wines. These are wines that deliver killer flavors, but at price tags you won’t feel guilty about popping a bottle every night for dinner. After years of discussing it (usually over a bottle of wine) Rooted Selections decided to jump in and create our own custom cuvee, but who to partner with? We knew we wanted to work with a family, someone who cared for and respected the land, as well as having a deep connection to their region. Enter Bodegas Beramendi, a family owned sustainably farmed winery in the Navarra region of Northern Spain. Here Bodegas Beramendi cultivates the traditional varieties of Garnacha, Tempranillo, Graciano, and Garnacha Blanca, along with the more international varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay. After an exhaustive search for a name we decided on Lurbira, who was the “Earth Goddess” in the ancient religion of the native Basque people of the region. To us this helps symbolize the commitment we feel to the land as well as allowing us to keep in the spirit of Bodegas Beramendi, which is one of the only wineries in Spain run completely by women. -Rooted Selections 

      Cab Franc - Airlie Bank

      Yarra Valley - Australia


      Video Coming Soon!


      A rosé wine with fruity spiciness, and red berry flavors, notes of rose petals, low tannins, and a smooth finish!

      Pairings: Beef Burger, Creamy Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

      Serving Instructions: 45°- 49° 

      About Airlie Bank


      The modern winemaking facility processes fruit sourced from over 75 hectares of privately-owned vineyards that have been planted with varieties best suited to each site. Varietals include Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The Punt Road range was first released to the market in 2001 with great success. Only small parcels of the best estate-grown fruit (from the oldest vines) are used for this range. These wines show concentration and complexity but are balanced by regional elegance. Additionally, the winery releases an Airlie Bank range of wines including Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris rose. - Little Peacock

      P’tit Gaby - Mas Theo

      Rhone Valley - France



      A natural red wine that is ripe berry fruit-forward, with hints of spice, lowwer tannins, medium acidity, and a long finish!

      Pairings: Za'atar Crusted Lamb Rack with Smoky Eggplant, Grilled Vegetable Napoleon, Hungarian Goulash

      Serving Instructions: 54°- 60° 

      About Mas Theo

      Mas Theo Winemaker

      "Upon launching Mas Théo, Laurent began to branch out beyond the organic certification and tested some biodynamic practices. He saw a real impact with the holistic approach. There was more life and energy in the vineyard upon introducing biodynamics, and now Laurent has entirely adopted this philosophy." - T Edward

      Bloom - Old World Winery

      California - USA



      A chillable natural red wine that is berry fruit-forward, with light tannins and a fruity, dry finish!

      Pairings: Lemon-Butter Salmon Pasta, Cornbread Casserole, Roasted Chicken

      Serving Temperature: 54°- 60° 

      About Old World Winery

      Old World Winery Winemaker

      Pastoral winemaker and proprietor, Darek Trowbridge, has 20+ years of hands on experience in the art and science of vineyard management, grape production, and natural winemaking. His passion is inviting nature into his winemaking. His processes are simple and direct and eliminates the need for any manufactured (man made) chemicals. This process involves effort and shepherding but not manipulation. - Zev Rovine

      Yellow Muscat - Kobal

      Haloze Hills - Slovenia



      An extra brut sparkling wine with fruity floral perfume aromas, and citrusy bubbles that is perfect for all occasions! Best served with starters and salads.

      Pairings: Honey Orange Smoked Chicken, Lemon Cake, Baked Camembert Food

      Serving Instructions: 41°- 45° 

      About Kobal


      Owner and winemaker, Bojan Kobal, is the true scientist of his craft. The amazing variety of styles of wines he produces shows that there is nothing he cannot do. The lineup of fresh Kobal whites is Bojan’s expression of Haloze fruit and varietal character. The Bajta wines are all fermented with natural yeasts only. -Vinum USA

      Cru Boy Jealous - Hollow Wines

      Santa Cruz Mountains - USA



      A light coral pink natural orange wine with sweet and sour berry notes. Herbaceous, fresh light tannins, and balanced acidity with a soft finish!

      Pairings: Pizza, Pork Tenderloin, Kebab

      Serving Instructions: 48°- 53° 

      About Hollow Wines


      Hollow Wines Winemaker

      Quinn Hobbs Hollow Wines is a newish natty California project from Woodson “Quinn” Hobbs, who grew up in Portola Valley, with his Aussie wife Alison and their daughter Mina. They currently live in LA but make the wine in Gilroy, sourcing fruit from organic vineyards up and down the state. Quinn not only has the Midas touch with wine, he's also getting his PhD in global leadership and change so that he can help other wineries produce low-carbon wine that’s better for the planet and the people. To that end, Hobbs requires fruit sources to be organic. If you use Roundup anywhere on the property, it's a firm no-go. “Roundup is a disaster for this planet,” he says. He considers himself a practitioner of No B.S. winemaking, which he equates to minimal intervention and using wild yeast with no adds other than some sulfur. Some might call it natural winemaking, but he prefers to say “simply good wine making.”

      White S - Heaps Good

      Štajerska - Slovenia



      A golden natural white wine with mixed fruit flavors, light acidity, hints of minerality, and an oaky finish!

      Pairings: Fish Curry in Coconut Gravy, Honey Drizzled Semolina, Steamed Scallops

      Serving Temperature: 38°- 45° 

      About Heaps Good

      Heaps Good Winemaker

      Heaps Good Wine Co. is a small family owned and operated winery producing exceptional wines from Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Blaufrankisch from the green hills around Slovenska Bistrica in the region of Stajerska in the east of Slovenia. - Vinum USA

      Debit Pet-Nat - Pomalo

      Dalmatia - Croatia



      A light lemon-colored natural sparkling wine that has tree fruit flavors, herbaceous, and light acidity!

      Pairings: Croatian Lamb “Tingul", Honey Garlic Chicken Breast, Roasted Shrimp Scampi

      Serving Temperature: 38°- 45° 

      About Pomalo

      Pomalo Winemaker

      The Begović cousins are two phenomenal winemakers from starkly different backgrounds - one based in the northeastern mountains of Slovenia, one based on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia — whom discovered their long-lost relation to each other over their mutual family lineage in the village of Kozice, Croatia. - Vinum USA


      Saveurs de Raphael - Les Vins Pirouettes

      Alsace - France



      A juicy white blend from Alsace! Aromatic with fragrances of grapefruit, apple, and floral. Great alone or paired alongside a tasty cheese plate shared with close friends.

      Pairings: Fried Food, White Meat, Cheese Plate

      Serving Instructions: 45°- 49° 

      About Les Vins Pirouettes


      Les Vins Pirouettes Winemaker

      Les Vins Pirouettes is a project launched by Christian Binner, that brings affordable natural wines to the table, and at the same time helps organic and biodynamic grape growers in Alsace move away from selling their grapes to cooperatives towards making and bottling natural wines. Each cuvée is made at a young grower’s winery, where they supply the grapes and Christian supplies his 20 years of expertise in making natural wine in Alsace, and of course his marketing and distribution savviness. Each cuvée will feature the name of the grower on the bottle. - Jenny & Francois.

      Pink Pet-Nat - Vivanterre

      Auvergne - France



      Vivanterre is delivering the goods once again! Super tasty pet-nat made from a blend of Gamay, Syrah, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Sylvaner. Bright juicy fruit met with herb notes and apple notes.

      Pairings: Brunch, Sushi, Roasted Chicken Food

      Serving Instructions: 44°- 55° 

      About Vivanterre


      Vivanterre is a natural wine produced in the Auvergne region of France by Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau, and founded by Rosie and Max Assoulin, with the support of renowned sommelier Cedric Nicaise. Using organically and biodynamically farmed grapes, vinified using natural processes, and untouched by any fining, filtering, or added sulfites, Vivanterre reflects the “Living Earth” from which it comes. - Vivanterre

      Wine Evaluation Sheet

      Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!