Welcome to the August Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:

We've made it to the last month of summer and we have a balance of lighter and heavier reds to keep you happy in season as well as ones you can ponder or cellar! We have some Eastern Euro light red vibes this month with Zan and an unreal Pinot from Slovakia. Then we have a gorgeous Syrah from CA and an aged French wine that is *chefs kiss*! Enjoy!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Syrah - Two Shepherds
  2. Amassa - Domaine Ribiera
  3. Surreal Pinot Noir - Pivnica Brhlovce
  4. Zan - Keltis
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Syrah - Two Shepherds

California - USA



Middle of the road on boldness and tannins, medium acidity. Made from dark-skinned red grapes, this rich red wine is exploding with fruit and spices. Notes of red fruits and spices. 

Pairings: Beef, Lamb, Game Meats

Serving Instructions: 55°- 58° 

About Two Shephards 

"Our philosophy is to embrace how wines were made for hundreds of years, before the introduction of chemicals and flavor manipulation. We guide our wines along, protect them from harm, and otherwise do not intervene. This old world style allows for the true expression of the variety, vintage and vineyard.

All of our wines are aged in neutral barrels that subtly enhance the wines' texture, but impart no oak flavors. Our wines are fermented naturally with native yeast, are aged on the lees, with minimal sulfur and are minimally racked.

We focus on Rhône and uncommon varieties, often from the only few acres available in California. While our total production is small, our offerings are vast. Nicknamed ‘insane master of small lots’, William crafts about 15 different wines each vintage, including some that are only 1 – 2 barrels.

These are old world, elegant wines focused on brightness, subtlety and texture. We hope you enjoy them. Cheers! - William & Karen"

Amassa - Domaine Ribiera

Languedoc - France



An easy drinker! Medium tannins, slightly bold and acidic with a dry finish, a classic and very drinkable table red! Raspberries, cherries, leather, and oak!

Pairings: Meatballs, Pasta, Cheese Plate

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

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About Domaine Ribiera

"Regis Pichon works 7.5 hecatares of vines on sloping shiste hills surrounding the small village of Aspiran in the Languedoc. He grows a range of grapes from Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache to Terette, Roussanne and Clairette . Before making wine, Regis worked as a sommelier in one of the world’s great cellars at La Tour d’Argent in Paris and at the equally renowned wine shop Hediard, where he met his wife Catherine.

In 2005, Regis decided to move his family from the city to a tiny village and begin making wine. It wasn’t his background in the classics of Bordeaux or Burgundy that inspired him, but rather a bottle of Pierre Overnoy from Arbois in the Jura that opened his eyes to natural wine beauty.The wine was cleaner than he had thought a wine without sulphur wine could be and so much easier to drink than the extracted, conventional wines that he worked with daily as a sommelier. He knew that making wine rather than pouring it was his true path.

Today Regis leases a small winery and shares space with David Caer, from Clos Mathélisse. They have their sights set, however, on co-owing a larger winery in the future. Regis ferments with naturally occurring yeasts and only adds small amounts of sulphur at bottling to his roughly 22,000 bottles a year. -Zev Rovine"

Surreal Pinot Noir - Pivnica Brhlovce

Nitrianska - Slovakia



Juicy and medium-bodied with an oaky finish. Fruity and airy with cherry aromas, fresh acidity, and solid structure. A beautiful Pinot! Oaky, cherries, and minerals.

Pairings: Fatty Fish, Roasted Chicken, Pasta

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

About Pivnica Brhlovce 

“The Brewhouse Brewery is a small cellar located in the rocky dwellings in the village of Brhlovce. It is a place where time is still flowing through the old – analogy. We try to make wine as classically as possible, as I remember from childhood. Wine and vine were an everyday part of our family life, but we also had sheep, goats, and bulls. The cooperative vineyards, in which I went to brigade in the summer, still form a natural landscape around Brhloviec. Maybe that’s why I did not see wine as something special in my youth, but rather fascinated by ” big world ” and pictures, whether static or moving. So I studied photography at VŠVU in Bratislava, as opposed to winemaking. But when I traveled the “big world ” and captured many pictures, I realized the unique location of Brhloviec and the strong energy of rocky dwellings. In 2011 I founded the wine cellar BRHLOVCE, and since then we have bottled all the wine under our own brand. Today all grapes come from Brhloviec and the surrounding areas.” -Zev Rovine

Zan - Keltis

Bizeljsko - Slovenia



Pale and peachy in color with peach and orange flavors, this wine screams summer! Light, crisp, and refreshing it's the perfect addition to your summer collection!

Pairings: Peaches, cranberries, citrus, and oak!

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

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About Keltis

keltis winemaker

Keltis wines attest to the artisan’s approach in the vineyard and the cellar, they express their terroir, and contain minimum quantities of sulfites. A big share of our wines is unfiltered and that is why our wines carry inside them life and the potential for further development. Marl, which is the main rock of our terroir, provides our wine with minerality, especially felt in the macerated wines.As dictated by our philosophy, our work with wines is done at the time of the full moon, when the wine is at its peak and can fully express its potential. Since we only follow its development and do not monitor it artificially, the wine arrives on the market when it is ready and thus every vintage shows its character in its own moment.

Vineyards of the Keltis wine cellar encompass 5 hectares of land and stretch over the south and south-western positions as well as northern slopes of the Bizeljsko area. Western winds blowing from neighboring Orlica take care of the ventilation and are our natural ally in the fight against diseases. Soil composition includes marl, sandstone with quartz binder, clay, Lithuanian limestone, and limestone with the application of chert. Vine varieties: autochthonous rumeni plavec (used in sparkling wines because it gives the wine freshness and character), cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot, Pinot noir, ottonel muscat, Riesling, yellow muscat, pinot gris, and traminer. - Zev Rovine

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!