Welcome to the April Red Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder:

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Humboldt Merlot - Miles Garrett
  2. Pizza Party - Amplify Wines
  3. Kick Rocks Alder Springs Vineyard - Dewey's Wines
  4. Mulatschak Roter - Meinklang
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Humboldt Merlot - Miles Garrett

California - USA 



Overall, a SOLID Merlot featuring smooth and elegant tannins! 100% Merlot from Willow Creek vineyards in Humboldt County, California, with a jammy, powerful, blue-fruit driven flavor ending with a delicate, dry finish. Mostly dark fruit flavors with juicy strawberry and cherry.

Pairings: Lamb Chop, Sweet Potatoes, Beef Bourguignon

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

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About Miles Garrett

I pay my crew between $15(starting) - $25 an hour and use the wwoof organization for work/trade labor. Wwoofers always say it’s the nicest place they’ve wwoofed (if that matters?!) They have wooden yurts to live in, loaner bicycles and a car, hot shower/bathrooms, WiFi and food included. In return they work for 4 hours a day.

I give Carla (my wife) a lot of credit for running my business (even though she’s not a big wine aficionado) because it wasn’t very smooth before she came online and became the business side of things. Also my harvest crew is led by Johanne Rapine, the awesome French lady who has come every year I’ve been making wine. All this to say its not a bro show at my winery. This year my oldest daughter Bella worked in the vineyard a bit as well, so it’s turning into more of a family affair. - Miles Garrett

Pizza Party - Amplify Wines

California - USA


A unique and special collaboration project with MYSA Natural Wine and Amplify Wines!


Pairings: PIZZA!

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Amplify Wines

They seek to amplify the voice of site and enhance the singular characteristics of a given vineyard, marrying a sense of place with a sense of style. Their farming seeks to establish a healthy ecosystem, enhancing and supporting the natural characteristics of a given place.

Kick Rocks Alder Springs Vineyard - Dewey's Wines

California - USA



A red blend that flavors evolve and develop once opened, super lively! This Cali red has a strong mouthfeel, with a wonderful balance of acidity and medium tannins. A blackberry and cherry explosion! 

Pairings: Oven Roasted Chicken, Duck, Goat Cheese.

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Dewey's Wines

"In 2009, Charlie Miller took a harvest job in Napa. From there he bounced from one cellar to the next, from South Africa to New Zealand and Argentina, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz in between. As he went he pieced together his unique take on things.

The bulk of his experience is split between two wineries, A.P. VIN, where the focus was on vineyard-designate pinot noirs from up and down the California coast, and Cruse Wine Company, where he spent five years as assistant to Michael Cruse, crafting everything from fine-tuned petillant naturels to esoteric reds of depth and focus.

Emma Rosenbush is a longtime Californian but forever a New Yorker at heart. After several years in Mexico City where she co-founded Pichón, an American brunch-inspired pop-up restaurant, Emma returned to California and opened Cala Restaurant in San Francisco with friend and mentor Gabriela Cámara. She remains a managing partner.

Emma and Charlie live in San Francisco’s Sunset District with their son Frank. - Dewey's Wines"

Mulatschak Roter - Meinklang


Burgenland - Austria


A lively and fun red that's perfect when chilled. Ages 4 months in stainless steel sure lie. You'll experience tons of red and black fruit on the palate. Exciting notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, and raspberry! 

Pairings: Soft Cheese, Schnitzel, Green Salad

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Meinklang 

Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria south of capital town Vienna: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Unique is the estate owns Angus & Aubrac cattle herd. It`s the farms source for our own nutritious, organic fertilizer for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle in the biodynamic Demeter farming. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat. - From Zev Rovine

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!