Welcome to the April 12 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder: 

Spring is here and I feel so lucky to have TWO this incredible collaborations this month! First with Limited Addition: made from a fully female-led operation from vine to door with the vineyard run by an all female team, the wine made by Bree, sold via MYSA, and proceeds going to Kiss the Ground and women in wine scholarship. Beyond that, it's one of the best piquettes we've ever had! 

Second, Pizza Wine from Amplify was exclusively made for MYSA as a fun, fresh Spring red perfect for pairing with your favorite pie and a slight chill on a crisp Spring day.

Not to overshadow the other amazing wines we have this month, as we have some great picks from California, an old favorites from Old Westminster, some classic Spanish and Italian wines, a gem from Vivanterre and a rose that feels like Spring itself!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

    1. Humboldt Merlot - Miles Garrett
    2. Pizza Party - Amplify Wines
    3. No Es Pituko Cabernet Franc - Viña Echeverria
    4. Tinto - Frontón de Oro
    5. Anarkoide - Cascina Val Liberata
    6. Take it Easy - Old Westminster
    7. White MSM - Vivanterre
    8. Pinke Pinke Rosé - Weingut Schlossmuhlenhof
    9. Col Fondo - Mongarda
    10. Ça Grolleau'te - Jennifer Bariou & Thibaut Bodet
    11. Public Service Red Piquette - Limited Addition
    12. Grüner Veltliner - Sonnhof Social Club
    13. Tutto Anphora Rosso - La Ginestra (in some boxes)
    14. Mulatschak Roter - Meinklang (in some boxes)
    15. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Humboldt Merlot - Miles Garrett

California - USA 

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Overall, a SOLID Merlot featuring smooth and elegant tannins! 100% Merlot from Willow Creek vineyards in Humboldt County, California, with a jammy, powerful, blue-fruit driven flavor ending with a delicate, dry finish. Mostly dark fruit flavors with juicy strawberry and cherry.

Pairings: Lamb Chop, Sweet Potatoes, Beef Bourguignon

Serving Temperature: 55°- 58° 

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About Miles Garrett

I pay my crew between $15(starting) - $25 an hour and use the wwoof organization for work/trade labor. Wwoofers always say it’s the nicest place they’ve wwoofed (if that matters?!) They have wooden yurts to live in, loaner bicycles and a car, hot shower/bathrooms, WiFi and food included. In return they work for 4 hours a day.

I give Carla (my wife) a lot of credit for running my business (even though she’s not a big wine aficionado) because it wasn’t very smooth before she came online and became the business side of things. Also my harvest crew is led by Johanne Rapine, the awesome French lady who has come every year I’ve been making wine. All this to say its not a bro show at my winery. This year my oldest daughter Bella worked in the vineyard a bit as well, so it’s turning into more of a family affair. - Miles Garrett

Pizza Party - Amplify Wines

California - USA



A unique and special collaboration project with MYSA Natural Wine and Amplify Wines!

Pairings: PIZZA!

Serving Temperature: 50°- 55°

About Amplify Wines

They seek to amplify the voice of site and enhance the singular characteristics of a given vineyard, marrying a sense of place with a sense of style. Their farming seeks to establish a healthy ecosystem, enhancing and supporting the natural characteristics of a given place.                                                    

No Es Pituko Cabernet Franc - Viña Echeverria

Cuircó Valley - Chile



A vibrant expression of Cab Franc from Chile with silky tannins and great structure. Cherry in color with a hint of cloudiness due to low intervention in the winemaking process. A great wine to always have on the table! Tasting Notes: Earthy with white pepper, black cherry, plum, and floral.

Pairings: Charcuterie, Soft Cheese, Roasted Pork

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

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About Viña Echeverria

"Originally established to produce bulk wines, in 1990, the winery was converted to produce quality wines for export. In the following years, Echeverria was one of the few boutique wineries to emerge from Chile, and the first family winery from Chile to sell wine to Harrods in London.

Eventually, the family started purchasing grapes, to compliment and build complexity to their wines. ""We realized that to succeed and be different, we needed to be open,"" says Roberto Echeverria, the Technical Director Chief Winemaker, who's first solo vintage appeared on the market in 2001. With sustainable practices in the vineyard, Echevarria produces a wine for most every palate, while embracing a philosophy that's based on consistency. - T Edwards"

Tinto - Frontón de Oro

Canary Islands - Spain



Made with estate-grown Listán Negro and Tintilla and aged in American oak barrels. Mineral, pepper, and dark and red berries aromas. The tannins are light and smooth on the palate, with an assertive peppery note. There were only 4,000 cases made, so don't miss out on this Canary Island wine! Elegant and very mineral. 

Pairings: Grilled Meats, Paella, Tapas

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

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About Frontón de Oro 

"The brothers Ramirez, Pedro and Antonio, have been running Fronton de Oro since the early 2000’s. Their estate on the hills of La Lechuza, a small town on the island of Gran Canaria, was created by their dad in the 1970’s. D. Antonio Ramirez at first envisioned a whole farm on the land, and he planted vegetables as well as vines. Today the brothers mainly focus on cultivating the local varietals, Listan Negro, Listen Prieto, Negramoll, Maramajuelo, and Tintilla (also know as Trousseau), all in very poor volcanic/clay soils.

Their vineyards are planted on some of the highest-elevation sites in Gran Canaria - many above 3,000 feet - and in many cases on terraced slopes, although some are cultivated wildly and untrained. The name of the estate “Fronton de Oro” refers to a huge rock that shines with sunlight (the one that adorns their label) known locally as “El Frontón”. Their entry-level wine, Fronton de Oro Tinto, is one of the most easily recognizable wines from the Canary Islands, while the Tintilla is an outstanding example of what their terroir can produce. - Bowler Wine"

Anarkoide - Cascina Val Liberata

Piedmont - Italy



This Grignolino is fresh, bright, with amazing acidity and super juicy tannins! A must-try for Italian wine lovers. Strawberry, raspberry, and pomegranates! 

Pairings: Pizza, Spaghetti Carbonara, Risotto

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

About Cascina Val Liberata  

"We are an organic/ biodynamic farm based in Piedmont, producing Slarina, Nebbiolo and Grignolino. We discovered this part of Monferrato in 2005 by chance when we were at the time living in Dublin doing different jobs. We fell in love with the wild landscape which had been pretty much abandoned since after the Second World War. Over the space of eight years we repaired the old farmhouse and in 2013 made the move and a start at reclaiming the land. The white clay fields were crying out for vines again! We quickly embarked on the journey of becoming farmers with the clear idea that we wanted to work organically. The following year we planted our first vineyard of Slarina and Nebbiolo. Soon after there was the natural progression for us to become biodynamic farmers. This has lead us to a deeper understanding of how to really practice agriculture, how to work with nature not against it, how We are at the heart of the process. It teaches us that it is down to our quality of observation and ability to act that make the farm successful and keep it sustainable. Our mission is to produce fruit that is Vital, that expresses the true essence of the land and in so doing will leave the land behind both healthy and alive.

Our love affair with Slarina began when we tasted a microvinification carried out by researchers in the University of Turin. We were immediately struck by its elegant aromas and tannic base, not to mention the story behind this indigenous grape from Monferrato that almost disappeared in the early 1900s in favour of higher yielding varietals like Barbera. It is proving to be an exciting journey bringing back this almost extinct variety and having it take its place as a new entry in the Piemonte repertoire. We currently have 1.5 hectares of Slarina. The name Cenerina comes from the word ‘cenere’ or ‘ash’ which refers to the characteristic abundance of bloom on the ripe grape giving the appearance of a veil of ash coating the bunches.

We also planted Nebbiolo believing strongly in it's potential to express itself in the Monferrato terroir, given its presence historically in the region. We now also have 1.5 hectares of Nebbiolo composed of a range of different clonal types. to promote biodiversity in the vineyard and an alternative organoleptic profile. It took seven years to create our first vintage of Nebbiolo. Over this time we learned what a demanding plant it is but at the same time we also developed a sense of awe towards it, how its branches elegantly reach for the skies and how its big dark green leaves shade the most beautiful of bunches. On the whole Nebbiolo has become a sort of fascinating muse for us to both grow and vinify, hence naming ours ‘La Musa’ needed no prompting.
The labels are adapted from a series of works by the artist Louise O’Brien. - Hootananny Wines"

Take it Easy - Old Westminster

Maryland - USA



Save this for a warm day! A very unique Chambourcin rosé blended with piquette blanc AND piquette rouge. Making it a co-ferment, piquette, wine blend! Low in alcohol and hazy pink color. Aromas of tart bright red cherry, herbs, and raspberry vinegar. Tastes like sea breeze, white cherry, sage and gooseberry. A simple, lean, fun to drink wine made for sunny outdoor moments. Pairing wise, do chips on the beach! 

Pairings: Spicy Food, Picnic Food, Asian Food

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Old Westminster 

"The Baker family, established in 1985, didn’t always know they would spend their lives making wine together.

Jay & Virginia, founders of the family, always dreamed of working with their children and preserving their farm. In 2008, all three of their children – Drew, Lisa and Ashli – were away at college, and they found themselves empty nesters. It was time to either put their land to work, or move on.

Upon discovering that grapevines have an affinity for rocky soil, elevation, abundant sunshine and a steady year-round breeze – all characteristics of their land – the family explored the idea of planting a vineyard and starting a winery together.

Today, Jay & Virginia support their children in the family’s wine business. And, as you can imagine, they’re enjoying the view. Not just of the flourishing vineyard, but also of the energy and determination they see in Drew, Lisa and Ashli building this great thing together. They love their children’s synergy and their ambition to put Maryland wine on the world map.

Drew is Old Westminster’s vigneron. At age 22 he planted the first 7,600 grape vines on the family farm. Each year he travels the world studying his craft and honing his skills. Drew is an entrepreneur and a leader; he pours his energy into growing great American wines on the family’s Maryland farm. The second in line is Lisa (27), Old Westminster’s talented winemaker. Lisa, a chemist by education, has been crafting some of the best wines in Maryland since she was 23 years old; wines that are not only a pleasure to drink, but also reflect the region’s unique geologies and climate. Her experience making wine stretches from the hills of northern Maryland to Sonoma, California. She loves exercising her passion for science through the art of crafting delicious wines. Then to tie it all together, there’s Ashli, the youngest. She’s Old Westminster’s “people person”. She’s passionate about building an exceptional, wine-centered experience at the Tasting Room by sharing the stories of our wines, connecting visitors with their local farmers and making sure everyone leaves with a smile.

Drew, Lisa, and Ashli are young, smart and eager to jettison every negative stereotype ever leveled against Maryland wine, and replace them with wines of renown, forging a new reputation for wine in the Old Line State."

White MSM - Vivanterre

Auvergne - France



Vivanterre continually impresses us with this White MSM that explodes with citrus, specifically lemon zest and Meyer lemon. Made with 100% Melon de Bourgogne grapes, this wine spends time underground in glass globes where natural fermentation and the elevage occurred. Tasting Notes: Along with the citrus, you'll experience notes of crisp apple, honey, and a touch of salt.

Pairings: Oysters, Grilled Fish, Roast Chicken

Serving Instructions: 45°- 50° 

About Vivanterre 

Vivanterre is a natural wine produced in the Auvergne region of France by Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau, and founded by Rosie and Max Assoulin, with the support of renowned sommelier Cedric Nicaise. Using organically and biodynamically farmed grapes, vinified using natural processes, and untouched by any fining, filtering, or added sulfites, Vivanterre reflects the “Living Earth” from which it comes. - Vivanterre

Pinke Pinke Rosé - Weingut Schlossmuhlenhof

Rheinhessen - Germany



Rosé season is on the way and this brand new wine from Weingut Schlossmuhlenhof is perfect for the deviled eggs you'll soon be making and hopeful picnics you'll be taking! Super gorgeous pink in color. A co-ferment white and red wine made into a rosé. A day of maceration and 10% was whole cluster. On the nose, very aromatic with citrus, cherry, raspberry, and cranberry. YUM on the palate! Citrus notes such as zesty lime, bright red cherry, and cranberry, with some complexity. Pair with BBQ, sausages, or salad with strawberries. A porch pounder glou glou for sure!

Pairings: Young Cheese, Antipasti, Deviled Eggs

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Weingut Schlossmuhlenhof

The Schloss Mühlenhof property is a large estate (nearly 20ha) spread across the slopes above Kettenheim, 3km south of Alzey. This size would seem reasonable, if not expected, considering the estate was started in 1846 and is now hosting the 6th generation. It began as a rye and wheat mill until the 1920s , when the small vineyard attached became the focus for the family income. The vines of that era have been replaced over time but some on the property are still as old as 45yrs. Now in the hands of Gabriele, Nicolas and Walter Michel, the farm operates ‘organically’ but not by any legal standard.

They follow what they call, ‘ecologically healthy’ farming practices, with the intent on capturing the fruity expression of the Rheinhessen style. The vineyards are worked heavily in August to reduced yields (green harvesting), cutting nearly 1/2 of their fruit. Grapes are vinified to preserve freshness while revealing depth and concentration. Considering the size of the harvest, they are experts at doing just that. The cellar does not abide by natural law. Selected yeasts, electronically monitored steel tanks, pumps and SO2 are used judiciously to hone the wine to purity and freshness.

Knowing their soils for so long (mostly limestone combinations), the family does capture a clear minerality and a distinct spirit from each varietal, from parcels as small as .4ha. The Michel’s final act (perhaps their expertise) in the cellar, brings multiple tanks together, each with their strongest asset to form deliciously drinking, full flavored wines with a direct link to the Rhienhessen region. Provided the Michel’s continue in this way, there will be no shortage of this kind of wine along the Rhine, for the generations to come. - Savio Soares

Col Fondo - Mongarda

Veneto - Italy



Veneto 95% Glera and 5% Verdiso/Bianchetta Trevigiana from Veneto, Italy with just the right amount of bubbles! Notes of apple, peach, brioche, apricot, and pear. Bubbly and dry with notes of stone fruit such as pear.

Pairings: Sushi, Oysters, Aperitif

Serving Instructions: 42°- 48° 

About Mongarda

"The first wine route of Italy, the road from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, touches all the hill roads where since remote times generations of farmers have taken care of their vineyards. Col San Martino stands at the centre of this hilly place with its vineyards and farmhouses whose roofs blend in with the colour of the soil. Flourishing chestnut woods on the north side of the valleys bear witness to a time when the natural landscape was uncontaminated.

“We are in love with our territory. This is where we were born and where we live. We breathe the same air that provides oxygen to our vines. We enjoy the sun’s rays, which give energy to our vines. Vintage after vintage we can identify with the wines that tell this story. Our commitment. Our work. Ourselves“ - Mongarda"

Ça Grolleau'te - Jennifer Bariou & Thibaut Bodet

Loire Valley - France



Grolleau grapes harvested by hand in the Loire Valley are fermented spontaneously in neutral wood and then undergo malolactic fermentation. Grapefruit, cranberry, and other red fruit add a zesty tartness to the flavor. This is a delightful wine to drink with friends in the summer. Very vibrant with rhubarb and blood orange notes. 

Pairings: Goat Cheese, Sushi, Salads

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Jennifer Bariou & Thibaut Bodet

"Jennifer Bariou - Thibaut Bodet has become one of France's most prestigious estates. It offers 5 wines in Touraine-Azey-le-Rideau, and is always experimenting and creating new exciting natural wines!"

Public Service Red Piquette - Limited Addition

Oregon - United States



Oregon An exciting Piquette by Limited Addition with a fresh, fruity mouthfeel. Goes down very fast so be sure to grab more than one bottle! Light and clean. 

Pairings: Brunch, Sushi, Roasted Chicken

Serving Instructions: 42°- 48° 

About Limited Addition

"Ltd.+ are our personal handmade wines raised from our collaborations with inspired farmers to develop a diverse and sustainable wine landscape in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

These wines are made from alternative varieties through thoughtful farming and winemaking practices. - Constant Crush"

Grüner Veltliner - Sonnhof Social Club

Kamptal - Austria



All of the grapes come from four growers in the Kamptal, all of which are handpicked and practice organic agriculture. Notes of pale peach with a bright finish. There were fewer than 1,000 cases made. Bottled in liters for even more fun! Bright, white peach and pineapple flavor with a crisp finish. 

Pairings: Wiener Schnitzel, Tapas, Seafood

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Sonnhof Social Club

"In 2020, Alwin and Stef Jurtschitsch teamed up with three other certified organic growers in the Kamptal, Susi Hahn, Michael Gerbing, and Thomas Janka to make the first vintage of Sonnhof Social Club. The Jurtschitsch family had a long tradition of bottling liter and doppler (two liter) bottles and with the new partnership, the tradition is being revived. The growers are bonded together by their dedication to organic farming in the Kamptal. All of the grapes are harvested by hand and come from the four growers certified organic vineyards. The wine is made at the Jurtschitsch winery in stainless steel tanks with spontaneous fermentations.

The Sonnhof Social Club label is based off of an old traditional loop-style label of the Jurtschitsch family winery that used to be on the doppler bottles. Sonnhof is the old name of the domaine and is still found on the walls of the Jurtschitsch winery. - Bowler"

Tutto Anphora Rosso - La Ginestra

Tuscany - Italy

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A one-of-a-kind Sangiovese crafted from vines aged 17-20 years in Tuscany and aged in amphora. Cherry cola aromas with sprinkles of cinnamon! On the palate, there's even more cherry cola, along with strawberries and high tannin. Fresh, fruity, and a bit peppery. 

Pairings: Charcuterie, Pasta, Pizza

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About La Ginestra 

"The farm started back in 1978 when a group of people rescued abandoned land from expropriation. With the help of goats, they began by clearing all the bushes and weeds from the fields. Slowly, year after year, they began to plant seeds. First focusing on cereals and legumes, and then eventually moving into beekeeping and vines.

Since 1989, they have been organic in all their farming and started working naturally since 2012. They work as a true farm – utilizing crop and grazing rotation with cows (they also have pigs) over their 50 hectares of land. They are producing a wide range of wines that both honor and obtain their Chianti and Riserva DOCG and push into newer expressions with pét-nats, macerated whites, amphora, and fresher, lighter reds. Beyond the farming and winemaking, they also have a restaurant and agroturismo on the property.

La Ginestra continues to push into newer directions as it is now mostly composed of a younger generation who live on and work the land together. - Zev Rovine Selections"

Mulatschak Roter - Meinklang


Burgenland - Austria


A lively and fun red that's perfect when chilled. Ages 4 months in stainless steel sure lie. You'll experience tons of red and black fruit on the palate. Exciting notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, and raspberry! 

Pairings: Soft Cheese, Schnitzel, Green Salad

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Meinklang 

Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria south of capital town Vienna: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Unique is the estate owns Angus & Aubrac cattle herd. It`s the farms source for our own nutritious, organic fertilizer for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle in the biodynamic Demeter farming. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat. - From Zev Rovine

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!