Egesta | 2017 | 13%
Egesta | 2017 | 13%
Egesta | 2017 | 13%
Egesta | 2017 | 13%
Egesta | 2017 | 13%

Egesta | 2017 | 13%


Vintage: 2017  
Terre Siciliane 
 None Added 
Sulfites: 13% 
Spontaneous Fermentation  
Vegan Friendly

100% Grillo

Egesta is an orange wine that was on its skins for 6+ months in stainless steel and went through malolactic fermentation.  While this wine is 100% Grillo grape, you'll no longer find it listed on the bottle. Aldo has taken a stance on the government imposing a specific flavor profile on the grape.

"I have to warn you that the variety is not mentioned on the label to protest against the imposing of a doctrine that it has unlawly owned the requirement of how a grillo wine should taste. No thanks i don t want to globalise my wines. They are individuals, special and unique."

The profile is full of fruit and light tannin including green apples and citrus as well as aromatic herbs. It will be slightly oxidative from the time on skins and can have an orangy, pinky, hue to it. Recommend decanting for 15-20 before drinking and serving slightly chilled! 

RAW Wine Classifications:

Organically Grown Made by Hand  Balanced, Traditional winemaking process Low cellar intervention Promote wellbeingLow SulfiteUnfinedUnfiltered

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Pairing Suggestions: Chicken, Salmon with heavy sauce, Steamed Food

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