wonder women of wine giveaway

Wonder Women in Wine Box Giveaway!

Posted by Niclas Jansson on

Hey all!

As many of you know, Sunday was International Women's Day. As a women-owned company, we're taking this week to celebrate with our favorite giveaway we've ever done!

Win a Free Women in Wine box!

That's right! We're giving away one of our Wonder Women in Wine boxes, absolutely free! It includes 5 wines from women-owned wineries and an issue of Pipette Magazine!

Here's how you enter:

How to enter:⁣⁣

1. Follow the following accounts:

  • @mysa.wine
  • @wonderwomenofwine and
  • @pipettemagazine

2. Share this post to your story and tag @mysa.wine so I can track you!

3. Tag a woman you’d love to share these wines with in the comments!

That's it! Then just stay tuned for the announcement on Monday, March 16th!

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