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Hey everyone! Looking for Through the Grapevine? Well, you’re in the right place (in a way, at least).

You’ve probably noticed by now that things are looking pretty different here. Like, what’s that big red horse doing at the top of the screen? Why does it say “MYSA” next to it? Where is the Through the Grapevine that you know and love?

Well, we’ve rebranded to MYSA Natural Wine! Through the Grapevine got us to 2020, now we’re passing the baton to a new, updated brand with a fresh look and some really exciting partnerships. 2019 was an awesome year for us, and we felt like now was the time to evolve, change, and take our business to the next level this year!


Our core business model isn’t going anywhere - we are still going to be importing natural wine direct-to-consumer like we always have been. The Natural Wine Club is running like business as usual, and all wines that aren’t reserved for the club will be available for purchase online. It’s also still just the Nic and Holly show :-), just with a fresh look, new wines, and a renewed emphasis on things that really matter to us.

We’re expanding outside Europe!

There’s so much great natural wine in the world right now. As importers, we’re focused on discovering new, little-known, unrepresented winemakers in Europe. However, we LOVE domestic wines too, and we know there are importers just like us doing the hard work in places like Chile, Argentina, and Australia too. That’s why we’ve decided to partner local distributors and importers we trust, like Minimum Selections, to expand our store outside of our bread-and-butter. Now you can get your domestic faves like Swick Wines alongside some new Aussie producers like Good Intentions Wine Co. while still shopping our awesome direct-import portfolio of European producers like Aldo Viola!

Here’s a list of the new producers we’re adding via partnerships:

  • United States
      • Swick Wines
      • Las Jaras
      • Martha Stoumen Wines
  • Australia
      • Good Intentions Wine Co.
      • Xavier Wine
  • Argentina
      • Zorzal Wine
      • Via Revolucionaria
  • Chile
      • Cacique Maravilla


    Note - this list is going to be constantly changing and updating, so check back frequently or join our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest offerings! We also love hearing from y'all, so if there’s a domestic, South American, or Australian producer that you just have to have, shoot us a message and we’ll see if we can get ahold of it.

    Focus on environmental stewardship

    We want to use MYSA as a vehicle to do good for our environment. It feels like a waste to not try to leverage this company we’ve created to give back to causes and organizations we believe in. It felt good to donate all our profit for a week to WIRES, and it’s the kind of thing we want to keep doing. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with two organizations that are doing great things in the environmental space - 1% For The Planet, and The Carbon Fund.

    We know that our business is energy-intensive. From overseas shipping to trucking and customer delivery, we use valuable resources to get the wines from our producers to you. Our partnership with The Carbon Fund will help offset these costs. With help from their team, we were able to create an estimated cost of our business. We then turn around and buy carbon offsets that go directly to projects that help reduce emissions.

    1% For the Planet is an international nonprofit located in Burlington, VT. They’re an environmental action organization that helps member businesses’ give back 1% of gross sales to environmental nonprofits that align with their values. They’ve helped member businesses donate over $200 million towards environmental nonprofits through their network. 

    1% for the planet

    These partnerships give us a real sense of purpose, meaning, and solidarity with a cause we believe everyone can get behind: working together to make preserve the natural wonder that is this earth.

    Why We Rebranded

    We loved the name Through the Grapevine, and based on the feedback we got, everyone else did too. Unfortunately, there were a couple of things that just weren’t working out.

    1. It’s really long. This is a problem for a couple of reasons. The email “” is long and tough to spell, not to mention the .co instead of .com was causing problems. Honestly, the last straw was forgetting business cards at RAW Wine this year and then having to write “Through the Grapevine” like 50 times on people's cards - talk about a hand cramp.
    2. Marvin Gaye’s got us in a corner. We’re looking to grow significantly in 2020, and from a search engine optimization standpoint, Through the Grapevine isn’t perfect. Our buddy Marvin Gaye pretty much has anything “through the grapevine” related to lockdown. Well, Marvin, it’s all yours, officially. Give us a call if you ever need some wine ;-)

    The Deal with MYSA (by the way, it’s pronounced “Mee-sah”)

    Our friends and family know this all too well, but we’ve been struggling with coming up with a new name for almost a year at this point. It is TOUGH! We wanted something short, punchy, easy to spell, and easy to trademark. At the end of the day, we settled on MYSA.

    In Swedish (note: Nic is half Swedish), “mysig” is an adjective that, on the surface, means cozy, comfortable, homey, or warm. If you’re familiar with the Danish word “hygge” it’s pretty similar. “Mysa” is a verb that’s more about getting cozy or intimate. Ultimately, as a company that prides itself on customer service, one-to-one interaction, and maintaining a relationship with our customers, we thought it was pretty fitting.

    So after we settled on a name, we needed a logo. Nic’s dad is from Dalarna, an idyllic part of north-central Sweden (think red cottages, lakes, maypoles). He’s also a bit of a hoarder of “dalahästar” which is a red horse carved out of wood with traditional designs on them. Our new horse logo is a more modern take on that dalahäst design, but with wine!

    To Close It Out

    2019 was an amazing year for our company. We launched our Wine Club, met amazing winemakers and people, and feel like we became part of something bigger than ourselves. We can't wait to see what 2020 brings with MYSA, our new partnerships, and the incredible new wine producers we’re meeting here in Spain!


    Here's a couple of our favorites from friends and family:

    1. Hand-Picked Naturals
    2. Holly d’Vine
    3. Chillone
    4. Grape Expectations
    5. MOG DOG
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